Gender Equality Office held the second lunch time meeting♪


We are offering a good opportunity for all intramural people in University of Yamanashi (students, faculty and staff regardless of gender) to communicate with others.

This time, the lunch time meeting was held with the aim of relaxing and refreshing at university’s multi-purpose hall in Kofu campus.

“Yoga and Eurythmy”, this meeting for three days as follows; September 2nd, Wed, 7th, Mon, and 11th, Fri. We invited Ms. Harumi Kimura who is the associate professor of the Faculty of Education and Human Science as a lecturer.1

Moreover, we prepared herb tea after the exercise to be able to feel more refreshing. A total of 55 people participated in our meeting. (The first day: 15 people, the second day: 19 people, the third day: 21 people)

Ms. Kimura said that Yoga is the good exercise for refresh because we can mind free and relax our body when we do Yoga. As she said, we exactly refreshed. When we did Yoga in abdominal breathing, we used our muscle that was not used frequently. After the exercise, some of participants said, “I could refresh. My body became relaxing.”







We didn’t know what Eurythmy was, so Ms. Kimura explained carefully by using whiteboard. We made a group by 5 or 6 people, and moved together with the music of Ms. Kimura’s piano. While we did Eurythmy, we needed to communicate in the group to make sure of each movement by chatting and making an eye signal. So we could do Eurythmy in a good atmosphere.

In questionnaire results, we received a lot of impressions.
“I am glad to join the meeting like this. During my working time, I keep sitting down. And it is difficult to do exercise calmly in my house.”
“It was a good chance for me to get to know each other.”
“Herb tea was excellent.”3

Thank you for your cooperation, and we greatly appreciate the kindness of Ms. Kimura.



We will continue to hold such a lunch time meeting in near future at our communication space. So, we welcome your ideas, please contact us using the form below.