Report on the Lecture Course “Let’s Talk About the Future of Science Girls! ~ Let’s Discover the Power of Earth! The Keyword is Life Science~”


This is the report of “Let’s Talk About the Future of Science Girls! ~ Let’s Discover the Power of Earth! The Keyword is Life Science~”. We held it on March 19, Saturday at “Pure Sogo” (Yamanashi Prefectural Gender Equality Promotional Office).


【Name of Event】“Let’s Talk About the Future of Science Girls! – Discover the Power of the Earth, the Key Word is life science. – ”

【Lecture】Ms. Mana Yanagiba: First-year of doctoral course, Life Information Systems Course, University of Yamanashi

【Member of Student Presentations】
Ms. Eri Inoue: First-year of doctoral course, Natural, Biotic and Social Environment Engineering Course, University of Yamanashi.
Ms. Rika Shindo: Third-year of University of Yamanashi, Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Life and Environmental Science.
Ms. Yumi Mizuno: Second-year of University of Yamanashi, Department of Local Produce and Food Sciences, Faculty of Life and Environmental Science.

【Date】13:30~15:30 Saturday, March 19, 2016

【Venue】Small Study Room 1, Pure Sogo, Yamanashi Prefectural Gender Equality Promotion Center

【Participants】13 female elementary and middle/high-school students and 4 guardians


This event was the third time of the series of “Let’s Talk About the Future of Science Girls!”. And this time key word was “life science”. We felt that elementary and middle/high-school students who interested in science had a lot of questions about university, such as “What kind of class is there in university?”, “What is the graduate school? ” and “What do you do after the class? ”. So we invited students of University of Yamanashi who were studying and researching life science every day and asked them to answer these questions!


First of all, we received a keynote lecture from Ms. Yanagiba.
Her lecture’s tittle was “Challenge of making the dream liquid fuel from Lipomyces starkeyi .- Microorganisms are our senior.- “

She taught us the activity of microorganisms and showed us an experiment. It made us excite, so we could get friendly with others immediately.







In such a good atmosphere, 10 minutes student’s presentations were started.

3 students explained their delightful life of university, using the elaborated power-point document (these were so stylish! Amazing!).

After the presentations, we made a group by their school year and made a time to talk with university’s student freely. We were so glad to see the participated students enjoy talking about school life, careers, and study♪





From the questionnaire after the event;
“It was valuable for me to be able to talk with women students who are in my familiar university. That was helpful.”
“Though it was my first time to participate, I could spend enjoyable time.”
“After the event, I became more interested in science. I would like to participate again.”
“I will do my best without giving up the dream of science girl.”

To elementary and middle/high-school girl students, let’s think about your future by a positive way like this event☆

We would like to thank the staff of Pure Sogo and university students. Thank you for your cooperation!

We plan to continue the event like this!

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