Gender Equality Office held the third lunch time meeting♪


We are offering a good opportunity for all intramural people in University of Yamanashi, students, faculty and staff regardless of gender to exchange information and communicate with others freely.

“A lunch meeting about elderly people nursing” was held in March 24 (Thu), 2015 at our communication space (East campus in Kofu, B1-214). We invited Ms. Emiko Ichikawa (she works at the nursing training spread center in Yamanashi as an instructor) for the meeting as a lecture. We put on the wearing parts to simulate experience of elderly and took a lunch.








The wearing parts were…

  1. Earplugs: We can’t hear clearly.
  2. Elbow supporters: We can’t move elbow joints smoothly.
  3. Wrist weights: We can’t raise our hands smoothly.
  4. Gloves: Our finger becomes insensitive.
  5. Cataract goggles: Our view becomes misty and yellowish.

When we wear all parts, we can experience the average condition of age 75-80 Σ(゚□゚(゚□゚*)!!

We could experience like these.
・We couldn’t move smoothly more than expectation, so we didn’t feel like taking a lunch.
・Because it was hard to hear the conversation, we became anxious and became negative to talk from myself.
・We felt hard to hear others, but our own voice seemed louder than we expected.
・The color of our lunch looked like unusual, fuzzy, yellowish, so it didn’t looks appetizing.
・Our motion were same as our grandmother…









In total 9 staffs including male and female participated in this meeting.
From the questionnaire after the meeting, we got some impressions as follows.
“In experience, I was shocked at the difference of body and mind from my usual. In the near future I should care for my parents, so I want to remember today’s feeling.”
“I could improve my understanding about elderly people through the experience of losing body activity.”
Thank you for your participation.

In gender equally office we are collecting books about elderly people nursing, welfare brochure in prefecture and information about welfare facilities for people who are concerned with elderly people nursing. Please come and use it freely.










We will continue to hold such a lunch time meeting in near future at our communication space. So, we welcome your ideas, please contact us using the form below.