A book exhibition related to Heisei 28 year Cabinet Office “Gender equality week” was closed!


An exhibition of books written about gender equality, cooperated with the University of Yamanashi library at Kofu campus, related to Heisei 28 year Cabinet Office “Gender equality week”, was closed.

During the period, not only the students but also faculty members were dropping in.







Display was like this.

Though “Gender equality” is often treated as a difficult concept, we think students began to feel familiar with it because we prepared the books of wide fields like “carrier design”, “child care and elderly care”, and “human relation” in this exhibition.





The result of the questionnaire survey that we carried out in the period for students about “gender equality” is here♪


Keeping in mind that there are variety of people who have different background and different mind from oneself, I expect we can make the better society by cooperating with each other.

Thank you for your coming and we thank to the cooperation of the library!