Seminar titled “How to Write an English paper” was held(16.10.2)


We held 1st career advancement seminar of 2016 academic year titled “How to Write an English paper” on Saturday, October 2, 2016 at Kofu campus of the University of Yamanashi.

We invited Ms. Melinda Hull (Ikagaku Kyoshitsu as a lecturer. The number of participants (faculty member, graduate students, undergraduate students) of this seminar was 37. This seminar was mainly held for medical and science researchers. The lecturer explained concrete practices of not communicated sentence and incorrect word that Japanese often use in writing papers by English.




We gained their feedback as follows. It showed that this seminar was fruitful.
Participant’s voice:
 “It was very fruitful. I could learn integrated practice regarding writing English papers from a standpoint of an editor, not just grammar and expression.” (faculty member)
“I understood the important point, like thesis structure that we couldn’t understand in the Japanese way of thinking. ”(graduate student)
“I could learn the importance of thesis structure.” (undergraduate student)

Ms. Melinda Hull and all participants, we are very grateful to you.