The top seminar of diversity management was held


Gender equality office held the top seminar of diversity management as the target of executive officers, to work positively to promote women’s participation and advancement in the workplace and diversity on Tuesday, November 17, 2016.

Lawyer Sachiko Yamaki, who serves the auditor of University of Yamanashi, gave a lecture titled “Diversity regarding management strategy ~ required supporting carrier designing ~”.

At the start of the seminar, Dr. Shinji Shimada, President of University of Yamanashi, made an opening address as follows, “Organizational management and human resources development focusing on diversity are attracting the attention from home and abroad, therefore we are aiming that the diverse people work actively at each section in this university.”

Subsequently, Auditor Yamaki spoke about the present situation of women’s social advancement, the allocation of executive officers, and necessity of leadership. After that, some of participants had some questions regarding concrete management methods for executive etc. She answered several questions along with some practical examples respectfully.









Finally, Dr. Futaba Kazama, the office head of the University’s Gender Equality Office, showed the importance of promoting the appointment of women in this university and future activities on Gender Equality Office. The top seminar ended with her closing address.



According to the results of the questionnaire, we had feedback from the participants as follows.
Participant’s voice:
“I could re-realize definition and range of diversity.” “I had an opportunity to think about management.”
The feedback showed that the seminar was very meaningful.

Auditor Yamaki and all participants of executive officers, we sincerely thank you for attending despite busy schedule.

By constantly carrying on our work regarding gender equality for the creation of an employee friendly working environment, we would like to spread the smiles at university.