2nd Lunch Time Meeting of 2016 fiscal year “TED screening” was held.


2nd Lunch Time Meeting of 2016 fiscal year “TED screening” was held as the target of faculty members and students on Wednesday, Feb. 15 and 22, in our communication space.

13 faculty members and students participated this meeting. We could widen our views regarding work-life balance through watching some TED presentations over lunch.

On Feb. 15, the major topic was child rearing. The contents were as follows.
1. “What is necessary education for the future?” Tomohisa Ote, CEO of Asobism Co.,Ltd.
2. “Gender and the Environment” Toshiro Sato, CEO of KANKYO DESIGN KIKOH
3. “The Power of Curiosity”: Hitomi Kumasaka, CEO of SML Co.,Ltd. & Producer of regional vitalization

On Feb. 22, the major topic was care for the aged. The contents were as follows.
1. “Music will save care ” Toshiro Mitsutomi, a record producer, a composer, a music critic and a flute player
2. “At last, we meet( People, we will live because of living together.)” Sayaka Takayama, president of Happy Spot Club
3. “The Power of Curiosity” Kenneth Shinozuka, a young inventor
4. “Life balance” Yoshie Komuro, CED of Work Life Balance 

Participant’s voice:
“I was able to enjoy TED screening and get refreshed toward the afternoon’s work.”
“TED presentations are very useful and informative regarding their speech and standing behavior that attract audiences, even if each presenter’s major field of study is different from mine.”

To participants, thank you very much for joining.

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