The 2nd Career Advancement Seminar of the 2016 fiscal year “Time management” was held.


Gender equality office held the 2nd career advancement seminar of the 2016 fiscal year titled “Review the use of time! We can change our life using 《Time management》” as the target of faculty members and students on Tuesday 7 and Thursday 9 of March, 2017. The aim of this seminar was further improvement of time management regarding work life balance. The content of two days was continuous.

We invited Ms. Kazumi Kobayashi (labor and social security attorney, employment counselor, transactional analysis practitioner, etc.) as a guest lecturer. The total number of participants of this seminar was 85.

Ms. Kobayashi taught us the below contents as the main theme of “review of time management” as follows. “Designing career and life” “Why we need more time?” “How to achieve a balance between work and personal life” etc.

She explained some concrete methods as a helpful practice, as follows.
    ・writing down our own schedule regarding 24 hours, one week, outlook of the future
    ・making up a schedule that suits oneself

Participant’s voice:
“I am very busy for work, child and elderly care every day. Therefore, I have no time. I want to make what I’ve learned in this seminar useful for my daily life.” 

The result of the questionnaire:
The most common answer was “It was helpful.” We had a lot of feedback from the participants. “I could think about time management through this seminar” etc.

We rented DVD of the seminar to an applicant for an only limited time. DVD was utilized by some of participants who couldn’t attend two days in a row due to work circumstances. DVD was very well received by users.


We sincerely appreciate the collaboration you all have offered to us.