Gender Equality Office holds a lunch time meeting.


We welcome all intramural people in University of Yamanashi, students, faculty and staff regardless of gender.

“A child care consultation lunch meeting for maternities” was held in May 27 (wed), 2015 ランチ会2at our communication space. We invited a midwife who had worked at the department of obstetrics and pediatrics in hospital as a lecturer. Having a good lunch time with the lecturer, we got advice to our anxiety and question about before and after childbirth.

12 female faculty members participated this meeting. Someone was before childbirth and someone was just after having a baby. The participants regardless of profession, age and nationality gathered. They talked their own stories of childbirth, and shared useful information about children’s hospital and emergency care for children. So we spent very good time.

Participant’s voice:
“After the meeting, I become feel easy about childbirth.”
“It was useful for me that I could know how to adjust the pelvis distortion and how to use baby sling. There is not enough time to ask my question to medical doctor at the department of obstetrics and gynecology in hospital. But in this meeting I could so without hesitation.”

Thank you for your cooperation, and we greatly appreciate the kindness of the lecturer.

With your feedback and comments, we will continue the future efforts.

We will continue to hold such a lunch time meeting in near future at our communication space. So, we welcome your ideas, please contact us using the form below.