“Communication Within Your Working Environment – Are You Satisfied With It? – ” was held.


We held 2nd career advancement seminar of the 2015 academic year titled “Communication Within Your Working Environment – Are You Satisfied With It? – ”.

We invited a radiant woman in Yamanashi, Ms. Kazumi Kobayashi (labor and social security attorney, employment counselor, transactional Analysis Practitioner etc.) as a lecture, and we learned how to make a good communication with a colleague at working environment by using the theory of transactional analysis (TA). This seminar was three times in the series.







First time, the theme was “the stroke (=nutrition of mind)” of TA.
We learned the philosophy of TA, “You can’t change the past and other people, the things you can change are now and yourself.”

Second time, the theme was “analysis of ego-state”. What does it mean to know oneself and other people?
We regarded the state of mind and the behavior pattern as “5 member of family in the mind”, and we tried to make the ideal of ourselves.

Third time, the theme was “analysis of transactional patterns”. What is the rule of communication and the attitude to life?
We learned a conscious control method that can overcome the closed situation by understanding the tendency of ourselves from the three transactional patterns.







We received a home work for analyzing oneself by next time o(´∇`*o)








Though it was our first try to hold a career advancement seminar in lunch time, we received good reaction such as “This time period is better for me to participate”, “It also made me refresh because I could participate between the intervals of my work” by participants.

Moreover, there were students, faculty and staff, a total of 67 people participated in the seminar for 3 days.

Voices from participants,
“It was good opportunity for me to realize my tendency and attitude.”
“It was helpful because I could realize clearly by theoretically explanation.”
“I seem to be able to communicate with tolerant feeling within working place.”




We apologize to participants and people concerned for the inconvenience about the change of the holding day and holding place.


Thank you for your participation.