1st Lunch time meeting 2016 “Yoga and Eurythmy” was held


Gender Equality Office held 1st Lunch Time Meeting “Yoga and Eurythmy—Purification of the mind and body, and Refresh” on Tuesday 9, Wednesday 10, Friday 19, August 2016, from 12:10 pm. to 12:50 pm. at behavioral science laboratory 1&2, 5F of education and research building belonging to school of nursing in medical campus.

The lecturer of this lunch time meeting was Associate Professor Harumi Kimura, Faculty of Education. The total number of participants of this seminar was 46 for three days. They spent healed lunch time through yoga and eurythmy with faculty members and students.


Professor Kimura began her lecture with abdominal breathing on yoga. Then we stroke the basic pose of yoga, “moon” “sun” “lotus flower”, and stretched our body in every part. We rarely pose as yoga but we did. Therefore, some of participants uttered a thin voice in pain to smile bitterly. The lecturer talked to us gently, “Take it easy. Please stop stretching, where feels good.” After that, participants including office staff could breathe a sigh of relief.

As for eurythmy, we learned two kinds of movements. One was that all participants came together with the music. The other was that they expressed the image of changing nature and life throughout our body. The lecturer explained flower and leaf of roses regarding the latter movement.


After exercise, we had herb tea to relax more and promote the metabolism.
But we felt sorry because herb tea was too hot.(><)

This lunch time meeting was held in medical campus for the first time.
Participant’s voice:
“Today’s lunch time was different from the usual. I could refresh myself with yoga and eurythmy.”
“I mostly do desk work, then it was good for me to loosen the muscles of my whole body.”
“I request that lunch time meeting will be held with regularity.”
“I had an opportunity to communicate unacquainted persons of the different sections and students.”
We gained the above feedback from participants. We would like to make use of their voices for next event.
Furthermore, students of University of Yamanashi Dance Club took part in the process of planning. Their involvement was the trigger to deepen a friendship between faculty member and students.

All participants, thank you for your participating.HP6
Professor Kimura, students of Dance Club and collaborators for this lunch time meeting, we really appreciate all your help.


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Welcome, we are looking forward to your participation next time. —

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