Report on the Lecture Course “Let’s Talk About the Future of Science Girls! ~Open the door of Science!~We are supporting you! ~”


An Event for highschool and junior highschool girls titled “Let’s Talk About the Future of Science Girls! ~ Open the door of Science! ~ We are supporting you!” was held in Pure Sogo, the Yamanashi Prefecture Gender Equality Promotional Center on Saturday March 18, 2017.

【Title of Event】
“Let’s Talk About the Future of Science Girls! ~ Open the door of Science! ~We are supporting you!”
Dr. Hiromi Watanabe: Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechatronics, University of Yamanashi
【Member of Student Presentations】
Ms. Kiyomi Yoda: First-year of master course, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences,  Bio-sciences course, University of Yamanashi
Ms. Haruka Sato: Second-year of Faculty of Engineering, Department of computer science and engineering, University of Yamanashi
Ms. Nao Yonehara: First-year of Faculty of Life and Environmental Science, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Yamanashi
【Time and Date】
Saturday, March 18, 2017 13:30~15:30
The Yamanashi Prefecture Gender Equality Promotional Center “Pure Sogo”, Secondary Training Room 1
5 elementary and middle/high-school students and 3 guardians *.゜。:+*.゜。:+*.゜。:+*.゜。:+*.゜。:+*.゜。:+*.゜。:+*.゜。:+*.゜。:+*.゜。:+*

The purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity for girls’ students to think about the attractiveness and the possibility of future in science field within the prefecture. This is the 4th year since we started holding the same event titled the series of “Let’s Talk About the Future of Science Girls!” in 2014.

Firstly, Dr. Watanabe, Assistant Professor gave a keynote lecture titled “Challenge impossibility~ inspection system for insect damage of peach”. Yamanashi prefecture is “Peach country”! Therefore, many participants became interested in this study. Elementary school students listened to the lecture intently. Their appearance was very impressive for us.

After that, three female students conducted the presentation regarding university life and research activities. They informed participants of the advantages of University of Yamanashi and the fun of science field from each viewpoint. We hope that participants become interested in advancement to University of Yamanashi♪

Subsequently, we had question time over tea.
Q1: I heard that mathematics and English are important subject. What does it mean?
A1: Though English is important, verbal aptitude of Japanese also is important for science students.
Q2: Since I am not good at math, giving up on going to science course is not good?
A2: Never give up advancement to science course. Don’t worry about it. Mathematics will work out, if only you enter university.
As noted above, university students gave heartening advice to questions of elementary and middle/high-school students.

All participants, thank you for participating in this event. Open the way to the future delightfully!

To all persons involved in the lecture course “Let’s Talk About the Future of Science Girls!”,
Staff of “Pure Sogo” and university students in cooperation,
Thank you very much for your kind attention.

We will continue to hold an event and offer information in order to create environment that is easy for female students to hope advancement to science course from now on.

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