Gender equality week was closed,。・:*:・゚☆


In “Gender equality week” (23rd June to 29th June) which conducted by the Cabinet Office, we held an exhibition of books written about gender equality cooperated with the University of Yamanashi library at Kofu campus.

The books we chose were about gender equality and work-life balance. Moreover, attitude survey for students was done by putting a seal on the survey panel.


A variety of visitor came to our exhibition. Some of students were chatting with their friends about gender equality and work-life balance, such as “If I get married to my boyfriend, I want him to do housework together…but I don’t know if he can do housework (lol).”, “My mother is a homemaker, so I feel difficulty to image the work-life balance.” etc. Other students dropped in there but they seemed to be interested in the exhibition.

By the result of the attitude survey and visitor’s atmospheres, it seems that a lot of visitors were thinking about gender equality in this opportunity

Thank you for your coming and we thank to the cooperation of the library!