【Report】A Lecture Meeting on Gender Equality was Held


On September 30, 2015, we held a Lecture Meeting on Gender Equality at the Kofu campus of the University of Yamanashi.







The event began with a report on the recent state of the gender equality movements in the University of Yamanashi by Ms. Futaba Kazama, the office head of the University’s Gender Equality Office. It then proceeded to the announcement of the “The University of Yamanashi Declaration of Action for the Advancement and Acceleration of Gender Equality” given boldly by Mr. Shinji Shimada, the Dean of the University of Yamanashi. The declaration designated the direction and future prospect of gender equality activities within the University.







The event was followed by a special lecture given by NHK Kofu broadcast chief, Ms. Natsuko Iino, titled “The Local Community, Society, and the University. What University People Can Do to Spread the “Sphere of Fulfillment””







From teaching staff, we received feedback such as, “The passionate lectures made me realize the significance of “working” and also the importance of providing equal opportunities for everyone,” and “I felt strongly that regardless of gender, the importance lies in considering not only about work but about life as well, when assessing a fair evaluation and/or respecting an individual is concerned.”


 We received many voices form the students as well. Some of their feedbacks read, “A lecture given by a woman who is actually playing an active part in her field made me realize that the working environment of a woman can be much more male-centered than I imagined,” and “After hearing the lectures, I really felt the need to sit down and think about my future. During the rest of my university years, I would like to carefully consider what kind of job I truly want to pursue and how I should live my life in the years to come”.

The lecture meeting ended with a huge success of over 200 teachers, students, and graduate students joining us.

 We would like to thank Ms. Iino for her wonderful lecture and everyone who participated in the event to help make it a big success.