【Report】Seminar on How to Write an English Dissertation was Held


01sOn October 3, 2015, we held a career advancement seminar “How to Write an English Disseration” at the Kofu campus of the University of Yamanashi.

We invited Ms.Rinko Kawakami (“Linc Science”) as the lecturer and 29 teachers, graduate school students and undergraduate students joined us at the event. The lecture centered mainly on the methods of writing English dissertations in the field of medicine and natural science (science, engineering, and agriculture).  The participants also learned about the trend towards the expressive method of using the passive voice, the approach of writing efficient titles and abstracts, and hints on the proper and wise use of punctuations. The curriculum also included practical training and demonstrations for a deeper understanding of the lecture.02s

 The feedback we received showed us that this seminar was highly beneficial. Some of the feedback read:
*“The lecture was very explicit, complete with basic information and well-grounded explanations” (from an undergraduate student)
*“She provided us with many specific examples and that helped me build an image of the kind of paper I should be writing and turning in.” (from a graduate school student)
*“I was able to understand the difference of using the passive voice and the active voice. I was also able to comprehend the usage of colons, commas, semi-colons, and parentheses. The lecture was very practical and useful” (from a teacher)

 We would like to thank Ms. Kawakami from Linc Science who provided us with a highly productive lecture, and to everyone who participated in this lecture event.

(We apologize that the prior announcement concerning this lecture was insufficient.)