【Offer Closed】CA (Career Assistants) Wanted for the Second Half of the 2015 Fiscal Year


【※Entry for this offer is closed】

The Gender Equality Office is looking for “Career Assistants (CA)” who can support researchers while they are going through a major life event.

※What is a “Career Assistant”?
 At the University of Yamanashi Gender Equality Office, we run a system to support the formation of research careers for those who are faced with a major life event. The system provides them with a research supporter who can help them with their research activities, hence allowing the researchers to balance their life events and research activities. We call these supporters “Career Assistants (CA).

The specific fields of study of the researchers who are looking for CA’s, and the outline of his/her work are as follows :
【Offer is closed】
【Outline of Work】Culturing microbes, making culture media, and genetic analysis.
【Working Days】Negotiable. Class and seminar conditions will be taken into consideration. (As a reference) Last term’s working days : 2 to 3 days a week. 2 to 3 hours a day.
【Researcher’s Area of Specialization】Applied Microbiology

【Type of CA Wanted】Someone who is interested in microbes such as lactic bacteria and/or yeast, and understands the basic contents of biology.
【Active Period】From December , 2015 to the end of March, 2016
【Number of CA’s Wanted】Several.
【Hourly Pay】Undergraduate students 893JPY, Students with a bachelor’s degree or above, 1,104JPY.

For those who are interested in the CA position, please contact us through our “Inquiry” mail form that can be found on our homepage.

When applying for a CA position, please remember to note your reason for application.

Application Period: From Monday, November 9, 2015 ~Friday, November 13, 2015

Procedures Taken Prior to an Official Recruitment: We will evaluate the reason for your application and hold an interview.

※Please note that we may close the offer before the deadline depending on the number of applicants.