“CONOHANA-Library” was updated


“CONOHANA-Library”, the book collection of gender equality office, was updated!

This time we added 37 books and 4 DVDs, so we hold 164 books and 7 DVDs now!

The classification of “CONOHANA-Library” is as follows.

☆Home/Family ☆Elderly people nursing ☆Work/Labor 
☆Work-life balance ☆Relationship/Mental health ☆Self-reformation 
☆Students ☆Researchers ☆Science ☆Gender equality/Diversity

This collection can be loaned♪
Please tell us freely when you want to use.

【Loan Period: 2 weeks】

The detail of book list is here.

(You can check it from “CONOHANA-Library book list” that is next to “Twitter” in the top page of our homepage too.)

We are waiting for your use♪