【Offer Closed】Career Assistants (CA) Wanted for the Second Half of the 2016 Fiscal Year


*Entry for this offer is closed.

The Gender Equality Office is looking for “Career Assistants (CA)” who can support researchers while they are going through a major life event.

*What is a “Career Assistant”?
 At the University of Yamanashi Gender Equality Office, we run a system to support the formation of research careers for those who are faced with a major life event. The system provides them with a research supporter who can help them with their research activities, hence allowing the researchers to balance their life events and research activities. We call these supporters “Career Assistants (CA).
For details, please check here

Active Period: From October, 2016 to the end of March, 2017

Hourly Pay: Undergraduate student 907JPY, Students with a bachelor’s degree or above 1,119JPY

Application Period: From Friday, August 26 ~ Friday, September 2 17:00
*Please note that we may close the offer before the deadline depending on the number of applicants.

The specific fields of study of the researchers who are looking for CA’s, and the outline of his/her work are as follows:

Number of Available Positions: 1 per each post.

Offer Number -1

【Outline of work】
・Translating Japanese documents into English.
・Collecting and arranging articles relating to the research and the classes.

【Working Place】
Kofu Campus

【Working Days】

【Researcher’s Area of Specialization】

Japanese language education/Education for overseas students

【Type of CA Wanted】

・A student who is fluent in English.

・A student who interested in Japanese culture.

・A student who have the skill of using OA equipment like PC and copying machine for collecting and arranging articles.

Offer Number -2

【Outline of Work】

・Assistance of sculpture and ceramic art creation (Material management, Assistance of firing)

・Other works relating to the research

【Working Place】

Kofu Campus

【Working Days】

Monday 10:20~12:20

【Researcher’s Area of Specialization】

School Education Division (Fine Arts, Ceramic Art, Sculpture)

【Type of CA Wanted】

In consideration of manipulating tools, a student who belongs to the arts education course of the faculty of education and human societies is better if possible.


・Putting on the working clothes and canvas shoes.

・Preparation, cleaning, temperature measuring, transporting heavy objects are also included in the work.

・You will be required to do preparation when you need skills.

Offer Number -3

【Outline of Work】

・Assistance of experiments

(Manufacturing buffers, Cleaning lab wares, Stuffing tips, Autoclaving mediums and lab wares, Cleaning lab room)

・Genotyping mice(Extract mouse’s DNA and decide genotype by PCR)

【Working Place】

Faculty of Medicine Campus

【Working Days】

About 6 hours a week (Ex. 2 days a week, 3 hours a day. Negotiable.)

【Researcher’s Area of Specialization】

Thrombosis and hemostasis/ Laboratory medicine

【Type of CA Wanted】

・A student who can work in faculty of medicine campus.

・A student who have a knowledge of biotechnology (not required).


・A student who doesn’t have animal allergy.

・Putting on a white coat.

・If circumstances allow, a student who can work more longer is better.

For those who are interested in the CA position, please contact us through our “Inquiry”mail form that can be found on our homepage.

When applying for a CA position, please remember to note offer number and your reason for application.

After you apply, we will contact you after consulting the researcher.

We are waiting for your application.