【Offer Closed】【Looking for women university students of Science and Engineering】


【Offer Closed】

University of Yamanashi Gender Equality Office holds the event for high-school and junior high-school girls who are thinking about pursuing their studies in the field of science, cosponsored by Pure Sogo, the Yamanashi Prefecture Gender Equality Promotional Center every year.
( *The above activity is conducted as part of the action plan on the base of the Act on Promotion of Women’s participation and Advancement in the Workplace.)

The Gender Equality Office is looking for female university students of science and engineering that give a talk on study at university and experience of career-path selection etc. for high-school and junior high-school girls. The contents are as follows:

【Title of Event】
“Let’s Talk About the Future of Science Girls! 2017”
Participants consist of high-school and junior high-school girls students.
 Approximately 30 students.

【Time and Date】
Saturday, March 18, 2017 13:30~15:30 

The Yamanashi Prefecture Gender Equality Promotional Center “Pure Sogo”, Secondary Training Room 1

【Your role】
①Giving the presentation (10 minutes)   Topics of presentation: study at university & your experience in university
② Facilitating group talk with high-school and junior high-school students(40 minutes)
Topics of group talk: to answer the questions to students, to give a talk on experience of career-path selection

【Field of study】
Science and engineering 

【Number to be accepted】
Three female university students

Around 3,000yen (according to the provisions on the Yamanashi Prefecture Gender Equality Promotional Center)

【Reference: past performance】
Fiscal 2014 http://www.conohana.yamanashi.ac.jp/news/1459
Fiscal 2015 http://www.conohana.yamanashi.ac.jp/news/920
Fiscal 2016 http://www.conohana.yamanashi.ac.jp/1777

 【Deadline for Application】
November 24 (Thu)
※Please note that we may close the offer before the deadline depending on the number of  applicants. 

Please contact the office mentioned below.
When applying, please remember to note your affiliation, school year, and reason for application.

We select a suitable person considering the bias of study fields etc out of candidates.

We are looking forward to your application.