A Lecture Meeting on Gender Equality “Utilizing diversity leads the way for the future.” to be Held


We will hold a Lecture Meeting on Gender Equality.
We invite Dr. Miyoko Watanabe, Director of Diversity Promotion Office, Vice-director, Japan Science and Technology Agency as the guest lecturer. She is planning to give a lecture on the meaning of gender equality and creating a new value through promotion of diversity.

【Date and Time】
Wednesday, January 18, 2017   16:20~17:10

Kofu Campus, Information Media Building, 5th Floor, Multipurpose Hall
The Department of Medicine Campus, Library Meeting Room
※The lecture event will be wired through the television conference to the Department of Medicine

16:20~16:25 Opening Address: Dr. Futaba Kazama, Office Head of the Gender Equality Office
16:25~16:30 Address from President of University of Yamanashi : Dr. Shinji Shimada
16:30~17:00 Lecture, Dr. Miyoko Watanabe
17:00~17:05 Questions and answers
17:05~17:10 Closing Address: Dr. Futaba Kazama, Office Head of the Gender Equality Office

We hope that will become good opportunity to think about gender equality and diversity, and share a new value of those.
We are looking forward to many people taking this opportunity to attend. 

The University of Yamanashi Gender Equality Office, Extension 8350, 
Email: conohana@yamanashi.ac.jp

Organization for the Promotion of Research and Social Collaboration, University of Yamanashi

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