【Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office】Catchphrase for Gender Equality Week of the 2017 Fiscal Year is publicly offered


We would like to inform you about the catchphrase on Gender Equality Week.

Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office is publicly seeking the catchphrase on Gender Equality Week of the 2017 Fiscal Year.

Would you like to take this opportunity to think about gender equality?


【Theme of catchphrase】
To create women and men-friendly workplaces in which they fully display their individuality and ability regardless of gender with a will of their own and play their active role

2016 Fiscal Year “ Ishiki-o kaikaku. Danjo de sankaku. Shakai o henkaku ”
(“Change in awareness, gender equality, changing society”)

2015 Fiscal Year “ Chiiki-ryoku×Josei-ryoku= Mugenndai no mirai”
(“Regional potential×Women’s power=Infinite Future”)


See the link below for further details. 【Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office】