【Offer Closed】【Expansion of Application 】【For Researchers】We are Accepting Applications for the Use of the Research Supporter (Career Assistant) System for the First Half of the 2017 Fiscal Year


【※Entry for this offer is closed】
(We are conducting an individual consultation.)

The range of application in concerns to who qualifies was expanded regarding the Career Assistant (Research Supporter) System on February 2017.

See the link below for further details.

※About the Career Assistant System (In concerns to who qualifies)

Therefore, we are accepting additional application for the Use of the Career Assistant System.

For those who wish to employ this system, please submit the “Application Form for the Usage of the Career Assistant (Research Supporter) System” mentioned below to the Gender Equality Office. After the applications are screened and a hearing is held, we will decide upon the disposition of a Career Assistant (Research Supporter).

◆Requisites for Application:
1. Application Form for the Usage of the Career Assistant (Research Supporter) System
   ※Format for the application form can be downloaded here.
2. Copies of documents to prove pregnancy, age of child, condition of need for care
(An applicant needs to submit the above documents due to the change of this system.)

Friday, February 10, 2017, 17:00

◆Submit to:
Gender Equality Office, conohana@yamanashi.ac.jp

(1)During the employment of this system, please keep in mind that the researcher is responsible for the work management, arrangement of necessary items, and the submission of work reports of his/her Career Assistant (i.e. research supporter).

(2)An official approval of the affiliate supervisor is needed if the researcher himself/herself applies for a research supporter.

(3)A Career Assistant (research supporter) will be recruited from the public and placed with the researcher applying for CA, as soon as the application is approved.