Seminar for Harassment Prevention


2013 Campus Harassment Prevention Seminar will be held.

In the University of Yamanashi, the Campus Harassment Prevention Task Force is operating for all members in the campus to respect human rights and to maintain healthy and comfortable campus environment.

This seminar will be held aiming at the harassment prevention by coaching of communication technique, and our office took part in this activity as a co-host.

In our daily life, we may hurt someone’s feelings by our carelessness and hinder a personal relationship without noticing.
Learning of communication ability is helpful for building better human relationships and the campus surroundings.

The details are as follows:

“Coaching to Improve Communication Ability” ~To prevent harassments~

Lecturer: Satoru Ishikawa (Company representative of Next Communication)
Time & Date: 16:30-18:00/ Monday, February 4th, 2013
Venue: Multipurpose Hall, 5F Information Media Building, Kofu Campus
Also the lecture will be delivered by teleconference system at:
Middle Conference Room, 2F Administration Building, Medical Department Campus