【Within the Campus】Career Advancement Seminar to be Held “Review the use of time! We can change our life using 《Time management》”


【Prior reservation is required】
The 2nd career advancement seminar of the 2016 fiscal year titled “Review the use of time! We can change our life using 《Time management》” will be held as follows;

The purpose of this seminar is to solve the problem regarding the use of time. There are many kinds of “time management” skill and know-how. Let’s learn them together. We hope you use “time management” thoughtfully after the seminar.


Time and Date
Tuesday, March 7 & Thursday, March 9, 2017  12:10~12:50
(The seminar are held two times in a row.)

Ms. Kazumi Kobayashi
(labor and social security attorney, employment counselor, transactional Analysis Practitioner etc.)

University of Yamanashi, Kofu Campus : 1st Conference Room of main office, 5th floor
University of Yamanashi, Faculty of Medicine Campus : Large conference room of main office, 3rd floor

March 7: the seminar will be at Faculty of Medicine Campus, and be wired to Kofu Campus. On March 9: it will be held at Kofu Campus, and be wired to Faculty of Medicine Campus.

You can have lunch during the seminar. (Please be sure to take your litter home with you)

What to bring
Writing implements

Please note your name, affiliation and send an e-mail to conohana@yamanashi.ac.jp. (Application will close as soon as the participants reach the maximum capacity.)

Inquiries/ Information
Gender Equality Office (Extension:8350)


We are looking forward to your participation!