The 2013 NPDL Symposium was held




As we have reported you already, The 2013 NPDL Symposium “Women’s Power * Potential of city” was held by NPDL (NOBU Planning and Design Laboratory) at Yamanashi prefectural library on 6th March.














The symposium was highly successful with a lot of participants, not only females, but also many males!!


  Our director, Ms. Kazama, had an opening address.



NPDL and panelists exchanged opinions on the theme of Buona Donna Citta’ aperta”.
Buona Donna Citta’ which means a city of lovely women in Italian. It is NPDL’s subject of the JYOSHI-KAI (a meeting only for women) on a monthly basis.

In this time, they discussed about city management for central area of Kofu from their status and experiences.











 -No need to follow other cities!

-Kofu is simplicity, but that is Kofu!

-It is needed more lights for security and safety for females!

-Some facilities are important for kids or elderly people even that is unnecessary for young people!

 -People enjoy drinking, eating, and talking till all hours, more than that you imagine.


It was fruitful session to know new aspects of Kofu and turn our eyes to the possibilities of Kofu city!


Ayana ASHIZAWA   Free photographer
Hiromi KAMAKURA   Administrator of Motoazabu-gallery, Toyoko INN
Yoshiko NISHIMOTO   Radio personality
Yuka MIYAZAWA   Administrative director, NPO Support office for childcare Chibikko-house
Nao MOCHIZUKI   Yoga’s instructor
Hitomi YUBUNE   Kofu city government

Hiromi WAKAMATSU  Member of NPDL, student of University of Yamanashi