Prof. Kazama, Director of the Support Office, held lecture


On May 7th, 2013, a lecture presentation was sponsored by the Yamanashi Prefecture Women’s Organization Association, an association that mainly consists of various areas’ women’s activity groups.  The title of the event was “Current Environment and Future Generation Development for Female Researchers ― Initiatives at the University of Yamanashi” and Prof. Kazama, Director of the Support Office, was invited as lecturer.



The venue was full of highly interested members from many women’s organizations in Yamanashi. There were various comments from listeners who are always proactive in gender-equality promotion;

 “Now that female students have wider range of future paths to select from, it seems to be getting more and more difficult for them to imagine their future clearly.”

“Being in the age when women are more and more expected to work actively in the society, the Support Office for Female Researchers is also expected to expand its activities to support all the working women.”

“Having more nurseries within office facilities should be effective to improve the M-shape curve of women’s labor participation rate graph by generation.”


Hosted by: Yamanashi Prefecture Women’s Organization Association

Venue: Yamanashi Prefecture Gender Equality Promotion Center (Pyua Sogo)