The Support Office for Female Researchers was introduced in “Character Development Theory” class, one of liberal art classes open to the whole university.


 Prof. Sugiyama, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, lectured in a class of “Character Development Theory” on July 1st.   The course is one of the classes open to all faculties.  The Support Office for Female Researchers was introduced in the lecture aligned with gender-equality initiatives.



Having started with an introduction of himself and his major studies on civil and environmental engineering, he also gave us messages from his own experiences through education and research, advice on students’ life and so on.  We had about 200 people in the audience who appreciated the class.

He commented based on his own experience of having four children; “house work and child-rearing are not a women’s job but something to be shared between a couple”, “recommend as many people as possible to take a lecture on ‘how to keep work-life balance’ provided in the master’s course”, “hope that both female and male students also take advantage of the Support Office for Female Researchers as a trigger to think about gender-equality in the society.”




You can deal with anything when you learn “to think in your way and think by yourself”.

“Ka-line (Japanese alphabet) words to live by:
(Ka) 感謝 (Kansha: Gratitude) 
(Ki) 気配り (Kikubari: Attention to others)
(Ku) 工夫 (Kufu: Creative solution)
(Ke) 健康 (Kenko: Health)
(Ko) 好奇心 (Kokishin: Curiosity)

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