There’s still time! Introducing Summer Events for kids


Time sure does fly! Before you know it, it will already be July.
Unfortunately, most of the events held during summer vacation have already closed their applications.

But wait! We would like to introduce summer events that you can still apply for.We hope you can make good use of this information♪(The pictures we posted are from each homepage.)

~Programs for Children~
Forest Expedition Summer Camp 2013

This is a camp held together by the “Japan Institute of the Upstream Cultural Area,” a non-profit organization in Hayakawa-cho, and the Suzuri no Sato campsite since 2006. The event initially started off as a cultural exchange project between Hayakawa-cho and Shinagawa-ku in Tokyo, sponsored by Hayakawa-cho. Unfortunately, this project was forced to end in 2004 due to various reasons.  However, due to the growing demand for reopening this project, the Japan Institute of the Upstream Cultural Area took over the project and since then, has reestablished it as an event not only for those in Shinagawa-ku, but for children throughout the country.

The camp takes place in Hayakawa-cho in Yamanashi. The children will play as much as they want in a natural environment, in hopes of them realizing how wonderful Mother Nature is, and the importance and joy of living in coherence with nature. During camp, most of the daily affairs of the children will be dealt with on their own, sometimes by themselves, and sometimes by cooperating with one another.  By experiencing life on their own, we hope that the children will discover and learn about their strength to survive, and also the heart and mind to value friendship.

<Qualifying Age>森の探索隊
3rd graders ~ Junior highschool students

<Meeting Place>
Shinjuku Station, Kofu Station, Fuji Station

For details, please refer to the registration guidelines.

Forest Expedition Summer Camp 2013
Yamanashi YMCA Summer Programs

YMCA stands for Young Men’s Christian Association and was found in London in 1844. It is a non-profit youth social education organization based on the spirit of Christianity.  In Yamanashi, it was established on May 1, 1946 in Kofu. Currently, the Yamanashi YMCA holds various programs related to a number of fields including infant child care, afterschool child care, English education, gymnastics, ballet, Japanese calligraphy, and piano. Other programs such as camp, event/projects for handicapped children and cross- cultural understanding courses are also held.  They also focus on volunteer activities such as the Yamanashi Charity Run.  The Yamanashi YMCA continues to place root in the community by expanding their activities in close range with the local community.

The following camps are sponsored by the Yamanashi YMCA :

*Camps in the mountains/beaches
*Occupational Experience Camp – Jobs Related to the Sky- (Sleepover program)
*Summer Wai Wai Earth Adventure (Daytrip program)

<Qualifying Age>
6 year olds ~Junior highschool students (Qualifications may vary depending on the programs)

<Meeting Place>YMCA写
Sleepover Program-Kofu, Kawaguchi-ko, etc.
Daytrip Program-YMCA

For details, Please refer to the leaflet.


~Programs for Parent and Children~
Waterside Expedition 2013
※The fixed number of registry has already been reached and therefore registration for this event is closed.

This expedition allows you to appreciate and learn more about nature while having fun coming in contact with waterside animals and plants, and studying about the water quality.

The expedition has been held since 2006 by the Kofu Office of River and Streams and “Yamanashi Mizu-net.” During the last event, the participants learned about animals and plants that live by the waterside and about the water quality after their waterside walk, from specialized guides who provided information concerning plants and fish.

Ms. Kazama from the Interdisciplinary Center for River Basin Environment administers this event!

We very much welcome your participation.

<Time and Place>
Sunday, July 28, 201312

<Meeting Place>
Fujimi Park, Ichikawa-Misato-cho

For details, please refer to the leaflet.
Waterside Expedition 2013

Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center


Various events including stargazing gatherings, science shows and handicraft workshops will be held. (Some events require prior reservations.)

For details, please refer to the leaflets.


Narita Airport One Day Summer School 2013成田

Once again this year, Narita Airport will be holding a special summer event, the “Narita Airport One Day Summer School 2013” where children and their parents will have the opportunity to learn almost everything about a large international airport!

This event is for any 4th, 5th, and 6th graders throughout the country who are interested in airlines and airports.  Staged at the Narita Airport, participants will learn about the various roles and functions of an international airport both by firsthand experience and by taking a look behind the scenes of each facility and visiting the airline maintenance area.

*Reservation Deadline   July 9 (Please make your reservations through the homepage introduced above)

<Qualifying Age>
4th, 5th, and 6th graders (Parents may accompany the children)

<Time and Place>
Tuesday, August 20, 2013 and Thursday, August 22, 2013


For details, please refer to the leaflet.
Narita Airport One Day Summer School 2013

JTB Summer Fun Event for Parent and Child :  Haneda Airport Facilities Tour and Cruise
Learning About Airline Jobs
Learning About Jobs in an Airport


In the “Learning About Airline Jobs” program, the participants will have the opportunity to learn about careers related to the aviation industry.  Haneda Airport Hall will be open to the participants, where they will get the chance to listen to actual airport/airline staff including pilots, cabin attendants, airline mechanics, and marshallers talk about their jobs. Quizzes will also be held and participants will be allowed to take some pictures in this special airline course for kids.  Later, the participants will board a cruise ship to watch the takeoff/landing of airplanes from the shores of Haneda Airport.  They will learn about how planes move during takeoff/landing and about the control tower. Again, there will be quizzes and time to take some pictures during this cruise.le%20course%20de%20pilot%20web

In the “Learning about Jobs in an Airport”, the participants will have the opportunity to visit rare areas such as the Haneda Airport Domestic Lines Information Center (an area that is usually off limits to unauthorized personnel). They will also have the chance to talk to airport staff to learn about their jobs directly and ask any questions.

<Time and Place>

Learning About Airline Jobs:

Wednesday, July 31, 2013            ①10:00~12:30 ②11:00~13:30

Friday, August 16, 2013              ①10:00~12:30 ②11:00~13:30

Monday, August 19, 2013            ①13:00~15:30 ②14:00~16:30

Wednesday August 28, 2013           ①10:00~12:30 ②11:00~13:30

Monday (Holiday), September 16, 2013 ①13:00~15:30 ②14:00~16:30

Sunday, October 6, 2013              ①13:00~15:30 ②14:00~16:30


Learning About Jobs in an Airport –Tour of the Information Center-:

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Tuesday, August 27, 2013

<Meeting Place>
Haneda Airport

For details, please refer to the leaflet.
Summer Fun Event for Parent and Child : Haneda Airport Facilities Tour


Chateraise Factory Tour

・A guided tour of the manufacturing process of ice cream and candy production
・Sample tasting

<Time and Place>
Everyday excluding factory holidays (Tours are also held on weekends)


Meiji Seika(Tokai Factory)state_pic_001

<Time and Place of Family Day>
Friday, August 9, 2013
① 9:00~
② 11:00~
(Application deadline : No later than Friday, July 26, 2013 (Replies will be sent in the beginning of August.))

<Qualifying Age>
4 years and above


The Tokyo Dome Tour

A guided tour of the box seats, baseball ground, and the backyard will be given. You can also enjoy taking pictures during the tour. Get a firsthand experience of the Tokyo Dome where many dramas and legends were made!

<Time and Place>
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 and Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Wednesday, August 28, 2013 and Friday August 30, 2013
Wednesday, September 4, 2013, and Thursday, September 12, 2013


JAXA Tsukuba Space Center Summer Event 2013

Staff of JAXA who have jobs related to aerospace will serve as teachers and hold small group classes concerning space related themes. All classes require prior reservation via our website.

We will be posting details of the course in mid-July. Please stay tuned!
For the time being, please refer to last year’s leaflet.
Summer Lab 2012


Cup Noodle Musuem

<Overview of the Chicken Ramen Factory>
This is a workshop where you can enjoy making your own “Chicken Ramen”. You can experience the process of making “Chicken Ramen” by kneading flour, rolling out the dough, seasoning the steamed noodles, and drying them with the “instant hot oil drying method.” After you have experienced the origin of an invention that lead to the creation of the world’s first instant ramen, you can take home the freshly made noodles and enjoy its savory taste!

<Time and Place>mainVisual_003-06
Everyday excluding Tuesdays and the New Year’s Holiday.  (The museum is closed on Tuesdays. However, if it is National Holiday, the museum will close on the day following the National Holiday.)