Report of the Seminar for How to Write English Essays


Report of the Seminar for How to Write English Essays


On September 30, we held a seminar for how to write English essays.

We invited Ms. Melinda Hull (Cactus Communications) as the lecturer. 45 researchers and students of this university, including 29 female researchers and students, attended the seminar and learned the necessary preparation and construction method of English essay writing, along with the writing errors often found in essays written by Japanese.


Unlike the formatting and the grammar, the construction of treatise can hardly be corrected by a third person, therefore a direct translation by the author who really understands the content is essential. This time the lecture was focused on the “writing construction”, and the audience learned the notes of caution and the proper attitudes in writing.

The feedback from the audience was “I was able to learn English writing systematically, and it will make me write more efficiently.”, “I learned the fundamental difference between essays written in English and Japanese.”, “It made me notice my misconceptions in English writing.” and so on, and we are confident that the lecture was very meaningful.