Report of the 1st Lecture on the Work-Life Balance


On October 10th, we held a lecture meeting themed on work-life balance, inviting Mr. Masaki Matsunaga (Representative of Globe Corporation) as the speaker. This lecture was aimed chiefly at students chiefly in order to present them the opportunity to consider work-life balance, with the vision of fostering members of society with a high consciousness of gender equality. The number of attendants, students and faculty members, was 65 in total.

The lecture by the theme “The work-life balance of your own style – How to find what you really want to do” was followed by a workshop for the participants to “discuss” with each other, and this became a good occasion for them to think of what the premise is of what they want/ have to do, with self-reflection.


At the convivial party after the lecture, Mr. Matsunaga answered questions from attendants one by one, while they were listening earnestly.

We received feedback such as “My understanding of work-life balance was deepened.”, “This lecture gave me a good opportunity to think about a work-life balance in my future.”, or “I became motivated to move toward my dream or a goal.” and we also received a request for another lecture on “How to live a life as a researcher”. Apparently the lecture was very fruitful.


Lastly we would like to thank our alumni association, Yamanashi Kogyokai, for their great cooperation so we could hold this lecture.

Yamanashi Kogyokai HP