Opening of Interactive Conohana Cafe@Yamanashi Kogyokai (Alumni Association) Homecoming Day!


Opening of Interactive Conohana CafeYamanashi Kogyokai (Alumni Association) Homecoming Day!


On the second day of the Campus Festival, (Saturday, November 2nd), our Support Office will open an Interactive Cafe in the special space in front of Yamanashi Kogyokai Building!

Yamanashi Kogyokai is the alumni association of the faculties of Engineering/ Life and Environmental Science of our university. “Homecoming Day” is held every year for the members to come back to this university, to promote friendship among members, and to interact with students.

It is the 4th Homecoming Day this year, and it is scheduled to have a tour of a new faculty ward (of Life and Environmental Science) and the Life Science Experimental Facility, and Yamanashi Nouveau Wine Opening Party.

Our Support Office for Female Researchers will take part in this event by opening a cafe specially for the female members of the association. The cafe will offer the opportunity of interaction and information exchange. The information of our activities, and the results of the awareness survey implemented in the previous session will also be presented.

A free nursery will be available exclusively for this university’s female researchers and the alumni of Kogyokai (by prior registration). Please make use of this opportunity.

※For application, contact the following address to give the names of the participant and the child, the age of the child, and the necessary caring time, by Wednesday, October 23.

Date: Saturday, November 2nd, 2014

Venue: Kofu Campus, University of Yamanashi

Subject: Members of Yamanashi Kogyokai, female researchers of University of Yamanashi

Contents: As follows.

①Interactive Cafe Conohana Time: 13:30~16:00

 Gathering spot: Special space in front of Kogyo Kaikan

②Observation Tour of an Advanced Research Facility and a New Faculty Ward 

Gathering time: 14:00  Tour: 14:10~16:00

 Gathering spot: Special space in front of Kogyo Kaikan

③Yamanashi Nouveau Wine Opening Party Time: 16:15~18:00

 Gathering spot: 1F Lobby of Kogyo Kaikan and the special space

 To take part in, please contact the office of Yamanashi Kogyokai. Closing date: October 30

Parking lot is not provided. Please use public transportation.