Report of the 2nd Lecture on the Work-Life Balance


Report of the 2nd Lecture on the Work-Life Balance


On January 20, 2014, the 2nd Lecture on Work-Life Balance was held.

This time the lecture was given about the caring for the parents living in distant places, and the title was “Advice for Long-distance Elderly Care – ‘Strategy’ to be taken in advance to achieve a good balance between work and caring”

The speaker was Ms. Saeko Ota, a journalist who specializes in caring and lifestyle, who puts out information on television and magazines about “long-distance caring”, “work-life balance”, “caring and the expense”, etc., based on the abundance of examples she has gathered through her 20-year research activities. She is also the director of “Incorporated NPO, Paokko, a Study Group for the Caring of Parents Who Live Separately”, which she established for the generation in such a condition to exchange information. She instructed the audience on how to learn and adopt strategies by giving actual examples.

About 20 people including faculty members and students attended the lecture and many of them said “This became a good occasion for me to rethink of elderly care.”, or “I am going to actually do what I learned today.”, etc.

She presented very useful materials at the lecture and anyone who wishes to read them can receive a copy at our office. Our office is on show during “Conohana Week”, or ‘get-acquainted week’. Please feel free to drop by!