Report from “Come Together Rike-jo! -Let’s talk about the future for the girls in the science major!”


On March 1st (Sat), The Support Office for Female Researchers co-hosted the following event with Pyua Sogo, Yamanashi Prefectural Gender Equality Promotion Center, geared towards female middle/ high-school students


Name of EventCome Together Rike-jo! -Let’s talk about the future for the girls in the science major!

VenueSmall Study Room 1, Pyua Sogo, Yamanashi Prefectural Gender Equality Promotion Center

Participants8 female middle/high-school students and 7 guardians


At the beginning, there was a keynote lecture by Dr. Miyoshi Okamura, an associate professor in the faculty of Engineering at this University. The title was An Invitation to be a Rikejo.

After the lecture, Ms. Momoka Teramoto, a sophomore in the department of Education and Human Science at the University of Yamanashi, and Ms. Nami Yamoto from YSK e-com Co., Ltd, also an alumna of the faculty of Engineering of this University, had a symposium, which included their self-introduction, a talk about their decisions to go on a science course, and some episodes in their careers.

Lastly, discussions were held in two groups with the participation of the lecturer and the role models.


Most of the participants were middle school students. They looked a little nervous at the start, but they gradually relaxed themselves, and discussed various topics such as their favorite things and subjects, their favorite science classes, and their weakest subjects.


Some students said I like science now, but I havent decided a specific course or a job for my future….

Im not so good at English.


Then the lecturers advised them, saying;

You dont have to rush to decide your course (physics, chemistry, biology, geosciences, etc) now.

Even in a science course, the studies of Japanese and English languages are important. You shouldnt worry about getting a perfect score on the tests, but never dislike them.


This day coincided with the middle/high-school events, such as a make-up school day, due to a recent heavy snowfall, or a graduation ceremony. So the number of participants was small, however, our staff and the lecturers very much enjoyed this event…. How was it for the middle/high school students? (^^)


Thank you to all who participated in this event!

We are planning to have another session, hopefully in the coming summer