Report from “Seminar for Technical Acquisition of Effective Presentation in English”


On March 4th, The Supporting Office for Female Researchers hosted a “Seminar for Technical Acquisition of Effective Presentation in English”.

 VenueLecture room Y-33, Multidisciplinary Research Building, Kofu Campus

Seminar contents

How should a presentation approach for Japanese audiences and overseas audiences be different?

Practical exercise

Effective designing of visual materials

 【Lecturer】: Tomoko Kawakami (Representative of Link Science)

Number of participants】: 23(14 researchers, including 9 female researchers and 9 graduate/undergraduate students including 5 female students)


This workshop, which includes practical exercise, normally requires a whole day to hold, but was specially cut down to two hours.

The lecture seemed to have been an immediate effect for researchers and students who have many opportunities to make presentations in English.

The feedback from the participants questionnaires were, for example, I was able to find the expression which I had been searching for., It was useful information for me to make presentation materials., I felt like participating in a whole-day workshop to acquire the technique., and we were sure that the contents had met the participants expectation.


Thank you all for your participation.


We are going to host more seminars which are useful not only to female researchers, but also to everyone.