Campus Harassment Prevention Seminar was held.


On February 4th, Campus Harassment Prevention Seminar was held. Mr. Satoshi Ishikawa, a representative of Next Communication, delivered a lecture titled “How coaching can improve communication skills to prevent harassment”. This lecture discussed how coaching (communication skillset) can be used as a method to prevent harassment.  The seminar was attended by 100 people from both the Kofu and Tamaho campuses, and was in a sociable atmosphere including some hands-on sessions. With proactive questions raised from the audience, it proved an excellent opportunity to discuss harassment related issues.  We would like to say thank you to each of the participants.

SNS has kicked off!


On February 14th, Conohana SNS has just opned! This SNS is open to female faculty, staff and students attending on this campus, and the alumnae.  Various communities are available on themes such as career counseling, employment, child rearing and also work-life-balance related issues. Please come and utilize the website where you can freely share information and opinions with each other.   For more details, please go to the 「Conohana SNS」 on the top page! (※)Conohana SNS ended on March 31, 2015. Thank you for your cooperation!

Medical Women Symposium was held.


On January 27th, 2012 the Medical Women Symposium “Female Doctors’ Career Opportunities Learned from Role Models” was held.                                           Prof. Futaba Kazama, Chief of the Division, gave a presentation introducing some of our role models.                                            Work-life balance is an issue in medicine just as in other workplaces and the importance of improving working environments was pointed out so that female medical staff members including doctors can smoothly return to work after a certain period of a maternity leave. One of the male doctors mentioned that many challenges women faced were things that he had never imagined. Co-hosted by: University of Yamanashi, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Kitasato University, Showa…Continue reading

Medical Women Symposium will be held.


The Medical Department of University of Yamanashi will co-host Medical Women Symposium.Our office’s director Futaba Kazama will attend for an introduction of a role model. 2012 Medical Women Symposium“Career Potential for Medical Women Learned from Role Models” Time/Date: 13:00-16:00/ Sunday, January 27th, 2013Venue: The room Asanagi, B1F Hilton Tokyo Bay (1-8 Maihama, Urayasu city, Chiba prefecture)

Seminar for Harassment Prevention


2013 Campus Harassment Prevention Seminar will be held. In the University of Yamanashi, the Campus Harassment Prevention Task Force is operating for all members in the campus to respect human rights and to maintain healthy and comfortable campus environment. This seminar will be held aiming at the harassment prevention by coaching of communication technique, and our office took part in this activity as a co-host. In our daily life, we may hurt someone’s feelings by our carelessness and hinder a personal relationship without noticing. Learning of communication ability is helpful for building better human relationships and the campus surroundings. The details are as follows: “Coaching to Improve Communication Ability” ~To…Continue reading