Seminar for Harassment Prevention


2013 Campus Harassment Prevention Seminar will be held. In the University of Yamanashi, the Campus Harassment Prevention Task Force is operating for all members in the campus to respect human rights and to maintain healthy and comfortable campus environment. This seminar will be held aiming at the harassment prevention by coaching of communication technique, and our office took part in this activity as a co-host. In our daily life, we may hurt someone’s feelings by our carelessness and hinder a personal relationship without noticing. Learning of communication ability is helpful for building better human relationships and the campus surroundings. The details are as follows: “Coaching to Improve Communication Ability” ~To…Continue reading

Commencement of Work-Life Balance Advanced Study


The commencement of the course of Work-Life Balance Advanced Study, which had been planned to start in the school year 2013 was approved. The theme of this study is to give profound thoughts on the meanings of “work-life balance”, which is a scheme to balance a fulfilling career and a satisfying private life. Summary of the Course Firstly, in order to deepen the students’ thoughts on the work-life balance, the course invites extramural lecturers to give plural lectures.Next, the students discuss with group members to make plans for a lecture meeting, setting up a theme based on the members’ interest and concern, then hold an actual lecture meeting having necessary…Continue reading

Lecture Meeting in Commemoration of the Opening of Support Office for Female Researchers


Special lecture by Professor Ichiro Yonenaga, Director of the Office for Women Researchers of Tohoku University On October 15th, special lecture was held in commemoration of the commencement of the Support Office for Female Researchers of University of Yamanashi.We invited Professor Ichiro Yonenaga from Tohoku University, who gave us the speech titled “Approach of Tohoku University for the Support for Female Researchers – the Process and the Present Status” over the tasks and the goals of gender equality, and its promotion in the science-related fields. Lecturer: Professor Ichiro Yonenaga (Director of the Office for Women Researchers of Tohoku University) It was a thought-provoking lecture and we received many feedbacks from…Continue reading

The Support Office for Female Researchers of University of Yamanashi has been opened!


The Support Office for Female Researchers started its operation on October 1st, 2012, at Kofu campus of the University of Yamanashi. This office was born to support female researchers working in this campus, and in various stages of their lives, and to create an atmosphere of increasing the number of future female researchers, by providing a system to maintain and promote ideal environments for female workers. Not only giving assistance to the female researchers working at the faculties of Education Human Science, Engineering, Life and Environment Sciences, and related centers in the Kofu campus, we also transmit support messages for the female students, including international students. Our Policy “Coordination” to…Continue reading