Audit to “The Corporate Gender Equality Promotion Seminar” hosted by Yamanashi Prefecture


 We attended “The Corporate Gender Equality Promotion Seminar” on June 25th, 2013, held at Yamanashi Pref. Gender Equality Promotion Center (Pyua Sogo). Seminar: How to Make an Office Environment where Each Employee can Play Active Roles― Work-life Balance & Diversity Mr. Naoki AtsumiDirector of Research DepartmentTORAY Corporate Business Research, Inc. The lecture was truly convincing and well backed up with not only his own experiences but with related research data, too.  ・Women’s active participation is not equal to their “adaptation to the male-oriented society” ! ・In the midst of the hyper decreasing birthrate and aging population in the entire society, the child-rearing support system is not yet fully ready even though…Continue reading

Faculty of Education and Human Sciences started women priority open recruitment as part of gender-equality promotion


 In the Supporting Positive Activities for Female Researchers project,the University targets 15% average of female researcher hiring rate in attrition replacement within 5 years from FY2013. Under this initiative, three courses in the Faculty of Education and Human Sciences publicly offered teaching-staff positions under female-priority policy that means ‘female candidates have priority to be hired among applicants with equal level of achievement and ability from the viewpoint of gender-equality promotion’. Three courses (open recruitment information) are as following: ・Social Culture Education Course ・Education Support Science Course ・Science Culture Education Course * Friday, August 30, 2013 is the dead line of application for the above three open recruitment.

Registered to Positive Acton Portal


We are listed in the Postive Action Portal ! Positive Action (promotion of female’s active participation) is a project sponsored by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.It is volunteered and proactive initiative by each organization to fill existing gaps between male and female working people such as; ○     Few women are assigned to sales roles.○     Most director /manager positions are occupied by male workers. as this kind of issues often come from traditional male-female role recognition or similar sequence from the past.The University of Yamanashi is now registered to the “Positive Action Portal” with a case study as one of organizations which take initiative of Positive Action. Please visit…Continue reading

The award ceremony of gender equality activities was held.


As we have reported you already, the award ceremony of gender equality activities was held by Prefectural governor of Yamanashi at prefectural Literature Museum on 9th June.  Administrative Manager of Univ. of Yamanashi, Mr. Shinoda, was given the commendation certificate from Prefectural governor Yokouchi. [ The number of prize winners in 2013 ]Award for Personal: 4 peopleAward for Employers: 4 employersAward for Groups: 1 group

The leave system shown on our HP


We have placed the leave sysytem on “Support” page.