News Letter (Vol.16) to be Issued☆


News Letter No. 16 has been released. We will provide information concerning events that will be held in February and March. Also, thoughts and opinions of researchers and students who are taking advantage of the Career Assistant (CA) program will be introduced. News Letter Vol.16!    

News Letter (Vol.15) to be Issued☆


News Letter No. 15 has been released. In this edition, we will talk about male researchers obtaining childcare leave. We will also provide information pertaining to temporary childcare that is administered by a cooperating nursery school in the local community. **********News Letter Vol.15!**********

News Letter (Vol.14) to be Issued☆


News Letter No. 14 has been released. This edition will include the report on the “Lecture Meeting on Gender Equality and the announcement of “The University of Yamanashi Declaration of Action for the Advancement and Acceleration of Gender Equality.” We will also post some information on long-term nursing care! ********** News Letter Vol.14! **********

News Letter (Vol.13) to be Issued☆


News Letter No. 13 has been released. This edition will feature part of the results of the questionnaire concerning gender equality. We will also be introducing 2 events that are scheduled to be held in September.  ♪———————–♪News Letter Vol.13♪———————♪    

News Letter (Vol.12) to be Issued☆


News Letter No. 12 has been released. In accordance with the “Gender Equality Week” held by the Cabinet Office, our office will set up a special exhibition area for books concerning gender equality in our affiliate library. News Letter Vol.12!