Call for Entries “The 10th Empowering the Future, Child-raising Project”


Let us inform you that we received a call for “The 10th Empowering the Future, Child-raising Project” from the secretariat of Empowering the Future Child-raising Project by Sumitomo Life Insurance Company. ※“Empowering the Future, Child-raising Project” includes “Commendation of child-raising supporting activities” and “Sumisei Female Researchers Encouragement Prize”. The following is the details of “Sumisei Female Researchers Encouragement Prize”. If you want to know about “Commendation of child-raising supporting activities”, please check the website of Sumitomo Life Insurance Company. <<Details/Application Form (Website of Sumitomo Life Insurance Company)>> The following information is quoted from the leaflet. “Sumisei Female Researchers Encouragement Prize”【Purpose】This is the corporate project to subsidize female researchers who are…Continue reading

Questionnaire survey of gender equality (For university members)


Gender equality office will be carrying out “a questionnaire survey of gender equality” related to the “Gender equality week”, that is started on 23rd June, conducted by the Cabinet Office. We need internal opinions to enhance our activity of the future. Thank you for your attention to this matter. 【Subjects】 Faculty and staff of university of Yamanashi 【Implementation period】22th June (Wed) – 22st July (Fri), 2016 【Implementation method】Go to “A questionnaire survey of gender equality” from “Application and investigation” on the campus intranet system 【Contact】Gender equality office. An extension number is 8350.

News Letter (Vol.18) to be Issued☆


News Letter No. 16 has been released.  In this issue, we inform you of Cabinet Office “Gender equality week” (23, June~) and we introduce thoughts and opinions of our communication space.  *★*―――――*★*―――――*★*    News Letter Vol.18 *★*―――――*★*―――――*★*

Information of book exhibition♪ (Related to “Gender equality week” by Cabinet Office in Heisei 28 / 2016 fiscal year)


In “Gender equality week” (23rd June to 29th June) which conducted by the Cabinet Office, gender equality office will hold an exhibition of books written about gender equality cooperated with the University of Yamanashi library at Kofu campus.         Now, we have finished the setting! Like this♪             In addition, we prepare a questionnaire survey titled “Let’s think together! Gender equality and my future life” for students. We hope you will join♪(The questionnaire survey result will be posted on our HP.) Some students already participated♪ 【Period】June 21st (Tue)~June 29th (Wed)【Place】University of Yamanashi library at Kofu campus (in front of stairs in 2F)…Continue reading