【Notification of Change】 Career Advancement Seminar to be Held


The schedule of A 2nd career advancement seminar of the 2015 fiscal year titled “Communication Within Your Working Environment Are You Satisfied With It?” and the holding place of Department of Medicine Campus were changed as follows. The second day Date: Thursday, March 10, 2016 Place: University of Yamanashi, Department of Medicine Campus : Affiliate Library Medical Branch Conference Room. The third day Date: Friday, March 18, 2016 Place: University of Yamanashi, Department of Medicine Campus : A Small Conference Room on the Second Floor in the Administration Building. ※You can take a lunch in the room only on both days. ※There is no change in the holding place of…Continue reading

【Offer Closed】CA (Career Assistants) Wanted for the First Half of the 2016 Fiscal Year


【※Entry for this offer is closed】 The Gender Equality Office is looking for “Career Assistants (CA)” who can support researchers while they are going through a major life event. ※What is a “Career Assistant”?At the University of Yamanashi Gender Equality Office, we run a system to support the formation of research careers for those who are faced with a major life event. The system provides them with a research supporter who can help them with their research activities, hence allowing researchers to balance their life events and research activities. We call these supporters “Career Assistants (CA). Active Period:From April, 2016 to the end of September, 2016 Hourly Pay:Undergraduate students 893JPY,…Continue reading

The Kofu City Gender Equality Forum 2016【Sponsored by Kofu City, etc.】


The Kofu City Gender Equality Forum 2016 will take place as follows : 【Time and Date】Saturday, February 20, 2016   13:00~16:00 【Place】Kofu Civic Center, Arts Hall (3-5-44, Aonuma, Kofu city) 【Contents】Part 1 “Activity Report from the Kofu City Gender Equality Promotion Committee”         Part 2 “Panel Discussion” ~Mutual Support of Women and Men~ Free Admission                 Inquiry/Information:Kofu City Civil Rights and Gender Equality Division TEL055-237-5209 FAX055-222-2062 Kofu City Homepage The Kofu City Gender Equality Forum 2016 Sponsored by:Kofu City/Kofu City Gender Equality Promotion Committee. Supported by:Federation of the Kofu City Neighborhood Council/Kofu City Female Body Liaison Conference  .

3rd Luncheon Meeting to be Held!


As part of environmental improvement, the Gender Equality Office holds an opportunity for teachers and students, regardless of gender, to casually communicate with one another and exchange information. What if a part of your body becomes paralyzed…?What if you lose your eyesight, barely able to see anything through your eyes…? In long-term nursing care, it is relevant to consider the feelings of the care receiver. Here is a chance to experience what life can be for those who require long-term care through some virtual simulations.  These experiences may help you become a caregiver who can provide sympathetic support for those who are in need of long-term care. This is a…Continue reading

News Letter (Vol.16) to be Issued☆


News Letter No. 16 has been released. We will provide information concerning events that will be held in February and March. Also, thoughts and opinions of researchers and students who are taking advantage of the Career Assistant (CA) program will be introduced. News Letter Vol.16!