【Closed】【CM: Summer vacation programs for parent and children】Waterside Expedition 2016


【※Entry for this event is closed】 Summer vacation programs for parent and children “Waterside Expedition 2016” sponsored by “Yamanashi Mizu-net” will be held as follows. <Time and Place>9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m./ Saturday, July 30, 2016 <Meeting Place>Fujimi Park, Ichikawa-Misato-cho < Registration >Yamanashi Mizu net.Kazama laboratory, University of Yamanashi Interdisciplinary Centre for River Basin Environment.*For details, please refer to the leaflet.Waterside Expedition 2016 <Yamanashi Mizu net website>http://www.ymizunet.org/ <Overview>The event has been held since 2006 by the Kofu Office of River and Streams and “Yamanashi Mizu-net.” During the last event, the participants saw the demonstration of special vehicle after they played around waterside. This expedition allows you to appreciate and learn more…Continue reading

【Sponsored by Yamanashi prefecture】2016 The forum in Yamanashi about men(person) and women(person)


2016 The forum of men(person) and women(person) in Yamanashi will be held as follows. 【Time and Date】Saturday, June 18, 2016 13:00~16:00 【Venue】Kofu Civic Center(3-5-44 Aonuma Kofu city)               Application: Yamanashi prefecture Citizen life, Gender equally section, Gender equally charge.TEL055-223-1358 FAX055-223-1320Yamanashi prefecture HPThe forum in Yamanashi about men(person) and women(person) Sponsored by: executive committee of 2016 The forum in Yamanashi about men(person) and women(person). Supported by: NHK Kofu, THE YAMANASHI NICHINICHI SHIMBUN, YBS Yamanashi Broadcasting System, Television Yamanashi Co.,Ltd.

2016 “Tsuda Umeko Award” is now publicly offered.


We would like to inform you about “Tsuda Umeko Award” from Tsuda College.Applicants must submit the required documents by the deadline.※When you apply, please submit the copy to the faculty.               【Eligibility】A person or a group of persons who fits either requirement 1 or 2, with a noteworthy influence on contemporary society. A person, a group, or an organization engaged in activities to broaden the capability of women (regardless of gender). A woman who has developed a pioneering approach in any field.   【Extra prize】Award of 300,000 yen for a person or a group   【Application period】July 14th( Thu) (To be strictly adhered to.)…Continue reading

【Offer Closed】CA (Career Assistants) Wanted for the First Half of the 2016 Fiscal Year Additional Recruitment


【※Entry for this offer is closed】 The Gender Equality Office is looking for “Career Assistants (CA)” who can support researchers while they are going through a major life event. ※What is a “Career Assistant”? At the University of Yamanashi Gender Equality Office, we run a system to support the formation of research careers for those who are faced with a major life event. The system provides them with a research supporter who can help them with their research activities, hence allowing researchers to balance their life events and research activities. We call these supporters “Career Assistants (CA). For more information, please check here. Outline of work is as follows. 【Outline…Continue reading

【Sponsored by other organization】  An event for parents and children by the child care support center of Miyamae nursery school


We would like to inform you that an event for parents and children will be held by Miyamae nursery school standing near from Kofu campus. That school and we are having partnership about temporary child care service based on our activity of “support for childcare and elderly people nursing”.                 InformationSocial Welfare CorporationMiyamae Welfare Association Miyamae Nursery School,The child care support center, Shell and Beans379 Iwakubo cho, Kofu city 400-0013Tel 055-252-8823 Fax 055-254-3118