【Offer Closed】【For Researchers】We are Accepting Applications for the Use of the Career Assistant (Research Supporter ) System for the Second Half of the 2016 Fiscal Year


★Entry for this offer is closed We are accepting applications from those who wish to utilize the Career Assistant (Research Supporter) System in the Second Half of the 2016 fiscal year.  ※About the Career Assistant System (In concerns to who qualifies) For those who wish to employ this system, please submit the “Application Form for the Usage of the Career Assistant (Research Supporter) System” mentioned below to the Gender Equality Office. After the applications are screened and a hearing is held, we will decide upon the disposition of a Career Assistant (Research Supporter). ◆Requisites for Application:   Application Form for the Usage of the Career Assistant (Research Supporter) System    ※Format for…Continue reading

【※CALLED OFF】Student group “NPDL” × MAMA teachers and MAMA staffs lunch meeting


※This event was called off by typhoon. Students seem to have some questions for MAMA teachers and MAMA staffs…what is it?  “NPDL” is a student’s group which led by Ishii-laboratory belonging to faculty of engineering, department of civil & environmental engineering. (※NPDL which consists of students of university of Yamanashi is aiming at preserving and improving the landscape and environment of Yamanashi.) “Girls meeting for town-planning”, one of the projects of NPDL, will hold a women meeting about “Kofu city and child care”.  “Is the street in Kofu city buggy-friendly?”“It’s difficult for me to imagine raising children, so I want to know real voices.”  Including such questions of NPDL members,…Continue reading

1st Luncheon Meeting 2016 to be Held!


As part of an environmental improvement within the campus, the Gender Equality Office holds an opportunity for teachers and students, regardless of gender, to casually communicate with one another and exchange information. I wanna refreshing during the lunch time!I wanna relaxing the tired body by deskwork!Give me the time for only myself retreating from every day study, housework, child-care!I studied too much!! I need a rest!I am not good at sports but I want to do something (for my figure)!…..It’s for you. “Yoga and Eurythmy—Purification of the mind and body, and Refresh” Lecture: Physical culture education course, Associate Professor. Harumi KimuraCooperation: Students of University of Yamanashi Dance Club Date and…Continue reading

Call for Entries “The 10th Empowering the Future, Child-raising Project”


Let us inform you that we received a call for “The 10th Empowering the Future, Child-raising Project” from the secretariat of Empowering the Future Child-raising Project by Sumitomo Life Insurance Company. ※“Empowering the Future, Child-raising Project” includes “Commendation of child-raising supporting activities” and “Sumisei Female Researchers Encouragement Prize”. The following is the details of “Sumisei Female Researchers Encouragement Prize”. If you want to know about “Commendation of child-raising supporting activities”, please check the website of Sumitomo Life Insurance Company. <<Details/Application Form (Website of Sumitomo Life Insurance Company)>> The following information is quoted from the leaflet. “Sumisei Female Researchers Encouragement Prize”【Purpose】This is the corporate project to subsidize female researchers who are…Continue reading