A System to Support Comebacks After Maternity/Childcare Leaves Has Been Drawn Up.


The Support Office for Female Researchers has formulated “The Supporting System for Returning to Work After Maternity/Childcare Leaves”.   This system is designed for researchers whose research activities were suspended by their childbirth/childcare to return to their works and to make up for lost time. This system is to subsidize; an expense for attending a conference held in Japan which would contribute to applicable researcher’s work; a nursery service fee when a conference to attend falls on a holiday; and an expense required to submit papers.    For details please contact the Support Office for Female Researchers (ext.8350).

The Seminar “Acquirement of External Funds” will be held!


The Support Office for Female Researchers will hold an “Acquirement of External Funds” seminar as follows. We are looking forward to your participation♪  ◆Date/Time: September 30 (Tue) / 13:00~14:30 ◆Venue: Room T1-12, T1 building, Faculty of Engineering, Kofu Campus, University of Yamanashi ◆Speaker: Ms. Noriko Shiomitsu (Chief of Gender Equality Promotion Office / Counselor of New Enterprise Promotion Center at JAXA: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)   < Profile of the Speaker> Graduated from the Faculty of Science at the University of Tokyo, entered the Science and Technology Agency. Held positions such as assistant to director of the International Office of Japan Science and Technology Corporation; chief of the International Research Office…Continue reading

Report from 2014 Work-Life Balance Advanced Study “A Lecture Designed by Students”


2014 Work-Life Balance Advanced Study course students held “A Lecture Designed by Students” as follows!    Date/Time: July18th (Fri), 3rd class hour (13:10~)  Venue: Room T1-21  Lecturer: “Home-florist Meister” Rumi Honda  About>> http://blumeleben.com/    The lecture was introduced in the Ms. Honda’s blog!     >> http://blumeleben.blog25.fc2.com/blog-entry-1655.html     We will report how the students in charge of this lecture worked that day specifically in “Conohana Café on the Web”.♪    

Call for Entries “The 8th Empowering the Future, Child-raising Project”


Let us inform you that we received a call for “The 8th Empowering the Future, Child-raising Project” from the secretariat of Empowering the Future Child-raising Project by Sumitomo Life Insurance Company.   <<Details/Application Form (Website of Sumitomo Life)>> http://www.sumitomolife.co.jp/about/csr/community/mirai_child/women/   【Purpose】 “Commendation of child-raising supporting activities”  We aim to introduce our characteristic activities throughout society, and to contribute to the maintenance of child-raising environments, by advertising and making honorable recognition of a person/group who acts for, and brings results in the realization of better environments for child-raising.  From last year, we have been engaged in the support activities for the relief and the child-raising of the sufferers of the Great…Continue reading