Seminar on the Art of Defense to be Held on June 26


Support Office for Female Researchers will hold “The 2nd Conohana Week” in association with a Gender Equality Week implemented by the Cabinet Office, as follows:   【Period】June 23rd (Mon) ~June 27th (Fri)   【Events】 23rd (Mon): TED Screening Luncheon Meeting 12:00~13:00     Let’s enjoy lunch over entertaining presentations!     The shows are chosen from 40 titles selected by the Support Office.   24th (Tue): Fortune-telling Luncheon Meeting 12:00~13:00      Let’s enjoy interaction and conversation covering a wide range of topics.               25 (Wed): Moms and Dads Luncheon Meeting 12:00~13:00        Have you chosen an enrichment lesson for your child?                  Any recommendations? Let’s share information!    Makeup Workshop (Flyer) 13:10~14:40 A reservation is necessary. For your private…Continue reading

Future Technology Pioneered by Women –Women In Engineering 2014– (July 5th, 2014)


”Future Technology Pioneered by Women —Women In Engineering 2014” will be held as a forum for female engineers, researchers, and students to study cutting-edge techniques across fields, to deepen mutual understanding, and to discuss and transmit the technology for them to work through. A reservation is required for participation.    【Date/Time】July 5th (Sat), 2014 / 13:00~17:30 (Entrance/reception starts at 12:30)  【Venue】Room No.24201, building No. 24, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University  2-6-1 Zempukuji, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 167-8585   【Contents】  <Part 1>  ・Keynote Speech “Can a robot enter the University of Tokyo?”  Noriko Arai (Chief, a professor of the Information and Society Research Center, National Institute of Informatics)  ・Trendy Talks “Data Scientist Women…Continue reading

2014 Tsuda Umeko Award (Closing date for application: July 18th)


2014 “Tsuda Umeko Award” is now publicly offered.   【Eligibility】  A person or a group of persons who fits either requirement 1 or 2, with a noteworthy influence on contemporary society   1. A person, a group, or an organization engaged in activities to broaden the  capability of women (regardless of gender).   2. A woman who has developed a pioneering approach in any field.   【Extra prize】Award of 300,000 yen for a person or a group     【Application period】 April 23rd (Wed), 2014~July 18th (Fri) (To be strictly adhered to.)   【Announcement and awarding ceremony】October 12th (Sun), 2014    Check the website of Tsuda College for details.

【100 Students Meeting Danshikai X Joshikai – Realistic Discussion for Students】by MEXT to be held again this year★


“Gender Equality for Students – World Cafe” will be held again this year!   This year, the venue is in Mie prefecture!   The meeting is titled “100 Students Meeting Danshikai X Joshikai – Realistic Discussion for Students! in Mie Prefecture”. flyer  ■What should we do to create a society where both men and women live together comfortably and actively? We will think about our future “way of life”, “way of working”, “way of living with one’s partner”, etc., taking clues from the honest words of male and female students of the same generation.   ■Guest commentators  Natsuko Hagiwara (Professor of the Department of 21st Century Social Design Studies, the…Continue reading