Notice of Exhibition “Sculptures to Feel by Hands”


Notice of Exhibition “Sculptures to Feel by Hands”   As a part of the adoptive operation of 2013 Strategy/ Public Offering Project(※), Yuko Takesue, a sculptor/ associate professor of Graduate School of Pedagogy of this university, will hold an exhibition “Sculptures to Feel by Hands” in cooperation with Noriko Shibata (sculptor), Shoko Furuya (associate professor of Yamanashi Prefectural University, sculptor), Yamanashi-residing world-class young artists, and with Yamanashi Prefectural University and University of Yamanashi. The appreciation of sculptures may be regarded difficult, but this exhibition is to enjoy sculptures “by touching and feeling the shape and the material by hand”. We look forward to your visit, bringing your friends. (※) Strategy/…Continue reading

Seminar for How to Write English Essays to be held


Seminar for How to Write English Essays to be held   As a practical support for female researchers’ research activities, our office will hold a seminar for how to write English essays. Female researchers often have to tackle a treatise in writing with limited time. They must balance their works and their private lives, but the quality of their writing cannot be sacrificed. In English writing, “formatting” and “grammar” can be checked and corrected by a third person, but the formation of the dissertation is based on the author’s comprehension, and cannot be easily proofread. So it is essential and valuable for the researchers to acquire skills in composition of…Continue reading

Lunch Cafe D.D. will be held by JSCE


Notice from Japan Society of Civil Engineering – The Lunch Cafe D.D. will be Opened   Lunch Cafe D. D. (Doboku Diversity) will be held again this year during the lunch break of the national convention of Japan Society of Civil Engineering, at where the members of the society gather all at once. Please feel free to stop by for your information exchange or networking. We welcome the members and the students, and anybody who is interested in the promotion of diversity in the field of civil engineering! Host: Japan Society of Civil Engineering Education Planning/ Human Resource Cultivation Committee  Diversity Promotion Subcommittee Co-host: The Society of Women Civil Engineering (Undecided),…Continue reading

【This event was finished】Notice: Workshop for Faculty Members to Prevent Dating Abuse


【This event was finished】Notice: Workshop for Faculty Members to Prevent Dating Abuse   【Note that this event was finished.】 We received a notice of “Workshop for Faculty Members to Prevent Dating Abuse” from the Gender Equality Division of Yamanashi Prefectural Government’s Office. Time/Date: 13:15-16:00, Tuesday, August 20, 2013 Venue: Middle-Training Room, Pyua Sogo (Yamanashi Prefectural Gender Equality Promotion Center) Speaker: Nobuyuki Takita (Director of Shonan DV Support Center) Audience: Faculty members who may be consulted on dating violence Contents: The topics “Dating violence preventive education”, “Existing situation of dating violence”, and “Consultation on dating violence” are to be learned in this workshop. The session date is approaching. If you wish…Continue reading

19th Technical Seminar for women(IPEJ)


We would like to inform you that  Technical Seminar for women who wish to be engineers will be held. You can get imformaion about what the engineer is, what license you can have, and you also can solve your worries by consulting engineers.This is a good oppotunity! Here is the detail.(Japanese, only) 第19回技術サロンチラシ