English website has just opened!!


Regarding our HP, it is really honor to have been favorably received.Also, we are very happy to hear from overseas students that they would like English edition.For this request, we finally open English edition!  Overseas students (researchers) who can fulfill the specific conditions could receive our support service,as well,  so that we hope the more researchers could utilize it.  SNS (female only) also has opened, and useful and practical information has been gathered.Please check it out and join us!  Conohana SNS (※)Conohana SNS ended on March 31, 2015. Thank you for your cooperation!

Opening speech at Kokai machizukuri jyosi-kai


[“Women’s power” x “potential of city of Yamanashi” =『☆☆☆☆☆』] was held by NPDL of University of Yamanashi on Mar.06.NPDL is a project which works for revitalization of Yamanashi at a point of view of community renovation and  scenery. For this symposium, our director, Ms.Kazama, had a opening speech. This symposium was carried out by a panel discussion style, and not only the guests but also participants exchanged their opinions. NPDL has some events regularly.Please check out their HP above for details.  

Article of our director, Ms.Kazama on newspaper


Ms.Kazama who is a director of this support office wrote an article titled “Society can encourage women’s motivation” on a newspaper.In the article, she mentioned our support activities, her own experience and thought about existing circumstances around women, and a massage toward society with hope. Please check it out. Article(Sorry, article is written in Japanese only.)

Campus Harassment Prevention Seminar was held.


On February 4th, Campus Harassment Prevention Seminar was held. Mr. Satoshi Ishikawa, a representative of Next Communication, delivered a lecture titled “How coaching can improve communication skills to prevent harassment”. This lecture discussed how coaching (communication skillset) can be used as a method to prevent harassment.  The seminar was attended by 100 people from both the Kofu and Tamaho campuses, and was in a sociable atmosphere including some hands-on sessions. With proactive questions raised from the audience, it proved an excellent opportunity to discuss harassment related issues.  We would like to say thank you to each of the participants.

SNS has kicked off!


On February 14th, Conohana SNS has just opned! This SNS is open to female faculty, staff and students attending on this campus, and the alumnae.  Various communities are available on themes such as career counseling, employment, child rearing and also work-life-balance related issues. Please come and utilize the website where you can freely share information and opinions with each other.   For more details, please go to the 「Conohana SNS」 on the top page! (※)Conohana SNS ended on March 31, 2015. Thank you for your cooperation!