Career Assistant (Research Supporter) System

There are some concerns about a temporary setback in research activities while female researchers and/or their spouses (male researchers) are faced with a life event (pregnancy/childcare/long-term care). In our University, we maintain a system to support such researchers during this time by placing a Career Assistant ( hereinafter referred to as “CA”) as a research supporter with them to help balance their life events and research activities.


  • Female researchers who are pregnant and/or male researchers who are their spouses
  • Pre-and postpartum female researchers and/or male researchers who are their spouses
  • Female researchers who are caring for a preschoolers and/or male researchers who are their spouses
  • Female researchers who are providing long-term care for elderlies (parents or someone equivalently close) and/or male researchers who are their spouses.

※Any other situation that calls for support from the University. Please feel free to consult the office.

◆Details of the support provided by the Career Assistant (Research Supporter)

Document retrieval, organizing and inputting data, preparing tables and diagrams, collecting references, assisting lab experiments, any other support related to research work.

CA’s, who are supporters of the researchers, will be recruited from the University students who are interested in research support activities. By becoming a research supporter, the students are given an opportunity to make practical use of the skills and knowledge they have accumulated during their studies. Further advancement in research ability can also be expected, and by having a role model close to them, they will have a better understanding of what a “researcher” is and does.

In the future, the Gender Equality Office plans to expand the eligibility of the support, as well as students who are subject to becoming a CA.