Child Care/Nursing Care Support

Partnership Agreement with a Neighboring Nursery School

 The University of Yamanashi has an agreement with Social Welfare Corporation Miyamae Welfare Association Miyamae Nursery School as a part of nursing care support for the university members. Under this agreement, the university members such as faculty member, clerk staffs and students are able to use the temporary child care service during afterhours or on holidays, and the sick-child day care service.

Miyamae Nursery School also provides a service/system which dispatch child care workers to day-care centers that are set up during academic conferences.


For details concerning these supports, please contact our office or Miyamae Nursery School.

*You need to show the belonging certificate to the university when you use these supports.


【Cooperating Nursery School】    C/O Social Welfare Corporation

Miyamae Welfare Association Miyamae Nursery School,

The child care support center, Shell and Beans

(Temporary Child Care Service Division) 

Reference for Teaching Staff of the University of Yamanashi

Leave of Absence Concerning Childbirth and Child Care (Maternity Leave System)(Note: For University personnel only. Terms used in the diagram are linked to the corresponding sites in the campus intranet.)
DiagramFull Time Staff
DiagramLimited Term Staff
DiagramPart-time Staff

 ReferenceGuide for Personnel Affairs Procedures

Information Concerning Childcare and Long-Term Care in Yamanashi

The following information is open to the public in Yamanashi.

・Childcare Information in Yamanashi

・Yamanashi Childcare Net –Smile Link-

・Yamanashi Long-Term Care Insurance/Long-Term Care Service

・Division of Yamanashi Prefecture Longevity Society “Homepage Support for Elderlies with Dementia”