Communication Space

On the second floor of building B1 (room 214), on the side of the Faculty of Engineering at the Kofu campus, we have set up a space where teaching staff and students can interact and communicate with one another. It is open to teaching staff and students to use freely during lunch or their free time. (Generally open from 9:00 to 17:00)

Teaching staffs and students of University of Yamanashi are free to use this communication space during open hours. It can also be reserved to groups for exclusive use (Reservation is required). For those who are interested in using the communication space, please stop by our office for a copy of “The Guide for Use”.







A wide range of books are also set up in the communication space. The genre of books we have prepared include “Marriage, Family, and Childcare,” “Work –Life Balance,” “Long-Term Care,” “Self-Development,” “Female Researchers/Active Success of People with Science Study Background,” “Work Efficiency,” “Mental Health,” and “Gender Equality.” Whether the books can also be found in the school library or not, there are approximately 170 books in the communication space which our staff have carefully selected for the teaching staff and the students to read. The books can either be read in the room or borrowed to read at home.

For a compilation of books in the communication space, please click here to open a PDF file.
<Conohana book list(pdf)>