1.Welcome to our Support Office for Female Researchers


It’s already been 3 months since our support project called 【Sakuya Conohana Project】 started.
Having arranged a support system and environment, and exchanged information with other leading universities, our activity is now well under way on a full scale.

As already mentioned at the top of our website, in the “Conohana Cafe on the Web,” you can find contents such as people’s comments and requests raised in our communication space ‘Conohana Café’,  latest event information and so on.
‘Conohana Café’ is a place which is open to various purposes, such as to communicate, consult, exchange information and whatever suitable.
This first edition of ‘On the Web’ explains a bit more about the ‘Conohana Café.’

First of all, about our place
The Support Division is located in Room 302 in Bldg Y ( Research Center Building).

Go up to the 3rd floor and go down the corridor to the right…

…Here it is.
The 2nd door in front of you.

Don’t hesitate to open the door.
When a “Welcome” sign is on, literally we mean it.
It’s open to everybody!

Please be noted that you may not able to come in when a counseling session is going on.
Inside is divided into an office space and a communication space.  ‘Conohana Cafe’ is like this.


To serve as a space for gathering and counseling, we designed the room to make people feel relaxed.
Relaxation = Cafe!
…This simple idea made it a café atmosphere.

The Division’s character, ‘Conohana-hime,’ being dressed Japanese, we may sometimes have Japanese seasonal decorations as well.  It’s all up to our staff members’ energy, time-wise and motivation-wise.
Networking events, small seminars and other various initiatives are coming up in this space in the future.
Also, please feel free to visit us more casually just to relax, talk or enjoy lunch.


Three staff members are always here to welcome you! ^^