18. Conohana Week was opened!


In accordance with the recent move of the Supporting Office for Female Researchers to the B1 building, and the expansion of its Interactive Space, Conohana Week was held from June 23rd to 27th, as a publicity activity. The period fell on Gender Equality Week, which was set by the Cabinet Office.


Move to B1 building!


●Display of Information at the Interactive Space

  ・Publicity poster of Supporting Offices activities (Permanent installation)

 ・Poster of uterus cancer prevention/awareness campaign with giveaway items from the Medical Department 

 ・Information regarding security in association with the Art of Defense Seminar


●Special Exhibition in Library

 ・Supporting Office activities publicity poster

 ・Gender equality promotion publicity poster

 ・Books related to gender equality, womans social advancement, work/life balance, etc, from the library collection


 ● Seminar on Art of Defense

  ・Date/Time: 26th June, 2014 / 16:30~18:00

    Venue: Gymnasium of Attached Special Support School, University of Yamanashi

  ・Based on the information that the number of prowlers has been increasing in the vicinity of the Kofu campus in summertime, we invited police officers from the Yamanashi Prefectural Police department to instruct in the art of defense. 10 female students and faculty members regardless of gender participated this seminar. They highly appreciated this seminar.


●Makeup Workshop

  ・Date/Time: 25th June, 2014 / 13:10~14:40

    Venue: Interactive Space

 ・For female students who have little knowledge of makeup, a makeup workshop was held for learning the basics. Three participants gave us feedback, such as I became confident with my makeup for job interviews.



●Luncheon Meeting


 ・From 12:00 to 13:10 during Conohana Week (excluding 26th), we held luncheon meetings with various themes.


 ・June 23rd, TED Screening Luncheon Meeting: 6 faculty members participated in the screening of Five Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do.


 ・June 24th, Fortune-telling Luncheon Meeting: 7 participants, students and faculty members, enjoyed interaction and conversation covering a wide range of topics.


 ・June 25th, Moms and Dads Luncheon Meeting: 6 faculty members participated in this, and enjoyed various talks not limited to the topic of child raising.



 ・June 27th, TED Screening Luncheon Meeting: There were 5 participants, including students and faculty members. The Brain in Love and Talk Nerdy to Me! were screened.


 A student said that she participated this screening because in a lecture she had been recommended the TED series, which she thought would be helpful for making presentations.


We will continue the transmission of information and environmental improvement not only for female researchers, but for all students and faculty members regardless of gender through various plans! 


Thank you very much for your cooperation!