19.The First ☆ Student Reporter♪ “Joshi-kai for Urban Development was held!”


Hi, everyone! I am M-no, from the first year of the Faculty of Environmental Science.

Today, I’d like to introduce “Joshi-kai for Urban Development” as a student reporter, and as a member of NPDL (NOBU Planning & Design Laboratory). This Joshi-kai was held at Support Office for Female Researchers (Interactive Space) on June 28 (Sat).


  ■■■ What is NPDL ■■■

This is an organization where the members act day by day for the projects of urban development and landscape conservation. We hope to help publicize the attractiveness of Kofu City, and revitalize our hometown.


For a long time urban development did not reflect women’s opinions so much.


So we have planned a monthly meeting named “Buona Donna Citta ~ Joshi-kai for Urban Development” with a motto “Women’s Sensitivity and Perspective for Urban Development”.

 NPDL: http://www.cec.yamanashi.ac.jp/~nobupdlabo/top.html


The monthly meeting of June was titled “Moss Art Workshop x Joshi-kai for Urban Development”, where we invited a moss specialist Ms. Ishikawa, to experience Bonsai making.


Many people may imagine damp plants clinging on rocks by the name moss, but Ms. Ishikawa found an amenity in its green, and started to create moss Bonsai.



After the workshop, we held Joshi-kai party, and talked about the shops in Kofu City to recommend.


Thanks to this Joshi-kai, I myself discovered a book store and a sundries store I’d never been to, or a newly opened bakery, and many more charms of this city which were new to me.


I really hope that the opinions from the women’s point of view presented in this Joshi-kai will be utilized for Kofu City to be revitalized.


We are going to continue holding this kind of event in order to make Kofu a comfortable and vibrant city.


We are truly thankful for the lecturer Ms. Ishikawa, the staff members of Supporting Office for Female Researchers, and all the participants.

  Joshi-kai for Urban Development – Buona Donna Citta: http://www.cec.yamanashi.ac.jp/~nobupdlabo/buonadonnacitta/index23.html