20. Report from “A Lecture Designed by Students” (2014 Work-Life Balance Advanced Study) ☆


Work-Life Balance Advanced Study course students held A Lecture Designed by Students again this year!

 Date/Time: July18th (Fri), 3rd class hour (13:10~)

 Venue: Room T1-21

 Lecturer: Home-florist Meister Rumi Honda

 This lecture is one of the assignments for the students at Work-Life Balance Advanced Study, a common subject at our graduate school, for them to design, negotiate with lecturers, and to realize the lecture by themselves.

 This year’s lecture was planned, negotiated, and operated by three graduate students (two female students and one male student).






 From left to right, Ms. H (1st year of graduate school) as MC, Ms. S (2nd year of graduate school) in charge of negotiation with and introduction of the speaker at the lecture, and Mr. L (1st year of graduate school) in charge of photography and microphone arrangement.

Lets take a look at how they worked on the day!







 They are having a final discussion just before the opening…

       ♪♪..::..♪♪                  ♪♪..::..♪♪ 
♪♪..::..            ::…♪♪..::..               ::…♪♪..::..







The lecture has now started by Ms. Hs MC! This is her first experience to host such an event, but she doesnt look nervous and creates a lecture atmosphere with her composed presentation.






Then Ms. S introduces to the audience the lecturer Ms. Honda with whom she negotiated continually. She didnt have any such experience before, so she had to be very careful to write and emend her emails to Ms. Honda, not to break the rules of courtesy, and successfully obtained her consent.







 Meanwhile Mr. L (on the right) assists the two. He passes a microphone to questioners while working as a photographer. He is an overseas student but he judged the situation precisely and worked hard for the smooth running of the event.








The lecture by Mrs. Honda has started after she was introduced by Ms. S.

Mrs. Rumi Honda, whom the three students selected for this lecturer, graduated from an agricultural university, worked for a florist shop, then became the shop manager but retired for her childbirth. Soon after that (!), she started her own business as Home-florist Meister.

 Based on her experience of working for a florist’s, she presents information and advice of flower arrangement, not only for private lives but also for ceremonial occasions broadly for general customers and florist shops. She also is a mother who raises two children while carrying out such activities including lectures and writing. 

 Along with the title “Taking a Job – The Meaning and the Shape of Work”, she gave an excellent lecture on why we work, where to place values, what it is to be an entrepreneur, and so on. Her speech on what it means to work from her experience seemed to be quite intriguing and meaningful for students who would start to find their jobs or courses, so they asked many questions, and the lecture became very fruitful.

Thank you very much, Ms. Honda!

(We also appreciate the introduction of this lecture in her blog, http://blumeleben.blog25.fc2.com/blog-entry-1655.html)






The three graduate students did a great job.

Besides realizing the lecture, Work-Life Balance Advanced Study has offered students the lectures given by the researchers who are active in their overseas fields, or students discussions with their own images of work-life balance they create.  

The three students gave us feedback for this course; The course was different from others, and I enjoyed being able to face my future image earnestly, It made me want to have more discussions, It was interesting to know that there were differences and similarities in the conception of work-life balance according to the country. They also gave us advice saying Why not write on the syllabus Carefree course or Useful for job hunting to increase students? We were grateful…(;人;)

We appreciate your opinions and will make efforts for this course to grow together with students!