21.Conohana Week is being held now!


We are holding Conohana Week now, from October 1st to10th, 2014!


On September 29, we co-hosted a seminar “Acquirement of External Funds” with the Research Education Organization and the University Education Center. The turnout was around 60, and we shared useful information for conducting research not only with female researchers but also with many faculty members and graduate students. We would like to express our thanks to Ms. Noriko Shiomitsu who accepted our request to be the guest speaker, and those who participated in this seminar.


 Report from the seminar http://www.conohana.yamanashi.ac.jp/h24-h26/news/1252


 Conohana de Art>

Interactive Space, the room B1-214, has transformed itself to an art museum from October 1st! The reason is…that this is autumn♪

We are displaying various works of art borrowed from students and faculty members.

The sculptures made by the instructors at the Arts Management Course in the Department of Education and Human Science (The work of professionals! Very great.)

The pottery pieces students made at the practical training of manufacturing   (Far out!)

The works by the faculty members and their children       (They reflect personalities.)

The photographs of microorganisms from the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences

(You will be captured.)

The works from Manufacturing Center          (Processing technique is their specialty.)

The works of Tsumami (traditional hand-pick decoration) by students from a circle activity (Japanese-style and lovely art.)

These are only a part of this superb exhibition.

It opens from 9:30 to16:30 during the period. Please feel free to drop by!

(If it is closed for some reason, please ask a staff member in the office next door.)




   The Support Office will host “The 3rd Work-Life Balance Lecture Meeting utilizing the project related to the gender equality promotion by Yamanashi prefecture. Time and Date:16:30, October 8th (Wed)


He used to be a workaholic employee. After he became a father, he noticed for the first time the importance of eating and dietary education, and he grew up to be a Cooking expert daddy before he knew it. We will invite Mr. Masaharu Takimura with such an episode, and listen to his lecture on what is work, what is family, and what it is to care for others?

 The lecture is geared to students living in this prefecture but we welcome the faculty members of this university too. The participants will be gifted a mini book made for this lecture! For the Support Office to be prepared, please let us know the number of participants by the day before the lecture.

 Venue: Active Learning Room, 3F Alumni Association Building, Kofu Campus, University of Yamanashi

 Inquiries/Application: Support Office for Female Researchers, University of Yamanashi(conohana@yamanashi.ac.jp)

(Parking lot cannot be offered for visitors to Kofu Campus. Please use public transportation.)



  From October 6th (Mon) to 10th (Fri), the Support Office will hold a special book display with the cooperation of the University Library at a space of the library’s 2F. We selected for our own interest the books related to gender equality and work-life balance promotion from the large collection of the library. We will be happy if this will be a chance for more students to think of work-life balance.




 The Support Office will hold a luncheon meeting from 12:00 to 13:10 on October 8th (Wed), themed on “Work-life balance”. Anybody can attend if you are a faculty member or a student of this university. Please feel free to visit the Interactive Space (room B1-214) bringing your lunch!

On October 10th (Fri), from 12:00 to13:10, we will hold TED Screening Luncheon Meeting. (TED is Technology, Entertainment, Design, and not that American film in which a middle-aged teddy bear speaks.) Lets have a lunch together enjoying proficient presentations! The Support Office has arbitrarily made up the list but the title will be selected on the day by the participants!



The Support Office will co-host a “Lecture Meeting for Promotion of Gender Equality” with the Gender Equality Promotion Head Office, which starts at 15:00 on October 16th (Thu). The title is Empowerment of Female Researchers, and the speaker Ms. Kimiko Murofushi, Emeritus Professor of Ochanomizu University, will lecture on how to bring out and utilize the power of female researchers, which is the precious resource of university, covering the case examples of Ochanomizu University. The lecture is basically for the faculty members and the students of this university, but we will welcome anyone interested. Please feel free to contact our office.

 Venue: Multipurpose Hall, 5F Information Media Building, Kofu Campus, University of Yamanashi

  Inquiries/Application: Support Office for Female Researchers, University of Yamanashi